Budget Vegas Vacation

If your next vacation spot is Sin City, you may gawk at some of the outlandish prices for food and entertainment. Vegas has gotten a lot cheaper lately due to the economic crisis. Nonetheless, good times or not, here are a few tips to save moey on your next trip to Vegas:

1. Buy your airline tickets in advance. It’s always cheaper to buy your tickets in advance for any trip, but this is especially the case in Vegas. If you don’t buy your tickets in advance, you’ll likely find yourself taking a 1 am redeye on the way home.

2. If you gamble, you should gamble at the hotel you are staying at, all things being equal. make sure to get a players card at the hotel’s casino. This way, the casino host can track your play. Also, when possible, bill your food to your room. At the end of your stay, ask the casino host if they can comp anything. If you’ve gambled some, they may be able to take off some of the room charges or even comp your whole visit.

3. If  all you really care about is gambling and you really want to stay cheap, stay downtown.  It’s a lot cheaper downtown, and the odds are a lot better. There isn’t the glitziness of the strip though, which may even be a plus depending on the type of traveler you are. The nicest downtown hotel is the Golden Nugget, which is basically a strip quality hotel that’s located downtown.

4. Don’t spend too much for your hotel room. Practically any major brand hotel on the strip is nice. There’s no point in paying an extra $200-$300 a night to stay at the Wynn instead of staying at a hotel like TI, Pais, or Mandalay Bay.

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