Improve the Productivity of Small Business with These Hacks

The productivity of a company has become a hot topic of conversion these days as it can improve the overall revenue of a business, be it small or big. But gaining an intense level of productivity is not as easy as it seems. So, what it takes to moves your small business into the right track?

Here are a few essential tricks that can boost the productivity of your small firm with no doubt.

  1. Pick the Right System

Do you know what it takes any business to succeed without investing much of their effort?

A right system!

So, identify the correct planning system for your small firm. Many tools and apps help you in this aspect but learning the right one are tricky.

If you use a laptop or smartphone to handle your business tasks, you can opt for online tools that are available easily. But, if you find it easier to work on paper rather than the screen, then don’t spend on these apps. However, before picking any system for business operation, ask yourself, “is it required?”

For instance, if you are a solo business owner or a team made up of two or three people, then you do not need any apps that are explicitly for team collaboration and management. You can handle the tasks with simpler tools and with the small business owners email list instead of buying high-tech apps. Hence finding the right system is crucial to keep you more focused and make your small business productive.

  1. Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing the work will help you quickly see what tasks are more important to your business, and which ones you are the most capable of completing regularly.

Although prioritizing is the most critical time management skill to master, unlike it is not achievable. You can start by setting the preferences for the longer task which is most urgent. Stephen Covey, A. Roger, and Rebecca R. Merrill designed a four-quadrant matrix that addresses this fact efficiently.

Once you set this time slot, you can quickly identify the tasks that are pointless at the moment. You can stop such tasks now and create more time.

Besides, before committing to any task, you must strictly consider the time required as well as the benefit you gain from that particular work. There are chances that you may spend your time on courses or training sessions that are needed for your business but may divert your attention from critical tasks. Therefore, you need to be alert before taking any responsibility.

  1. Team Building is required

As the firm grows, you cannot pull all the work and do everything by yourself. It is one of the most obvious mistakes people do. Let go of that attitude and hire people for some further help. You can then share the work among them and focus your attention on other tasks. But, while deciding, you have to pick the right person for the role. Otherwise, you may lose your money as well as brand value soon.

In some cases, you can also outsource the work if you feel any specific task drains all your power. By sharing your duty among the team members, you can strive to achieve a goal together and help each other grow.

At the same time, you have to let go of the notion that you must have control over everything your team member does. You have to realize that by controlling or micromanaging the work of the workers, you will destroy the efforts to be prolific, and make your team feel unappreciated.

  1. Take Control of Your Meetings

In 1998, MCI Conferencing white paper showed an unbelievable fact about meetings long ago. It said, each day, workers in the U.S. visit nearly 11 million meetings. Also, the average team member spends about six hours a week in planned sessions whereas supervisors spend more than that.

Source: Mark Wayshak

The image above reveals one more striking piece of data. It states that 25% of the top players waste so much time by driving to meetings. Now the question is – “Is it crucial to have so many meetings for the success of a business?” The answer is NO. These meetings will not only waste your time but also solves nothing in return.

So, to save your small business from falling into the victim of these traps, learn these things:

  • If the meeting is needed, make it brief and to the point.
  • Keep your sessions later since morning is the most productive time.
  • Have a single goal for a discussion and let all your talk be about that distinct topic.
  • Only include the people whose presence matters.
  • Standing during the sessions helps you to keep it short.
  1. Transparency in the Task

Let there be transparency in the work of every team member because hunting for the required data will waste the productivity of the firm. Hence, every member of your team must at least know the following things:

  • Who works on what tasks as well as their schedule as a whole.
  • Goals of the project they are currently working on.
  • Data to answer the queries of the buyers.
  • Access to past client transactions, interactions, and support tickets.

All this data about the tasks their firm handles are very much essential to improve productivity. Be it a mailing list providers or any manual; the data must be available to all in the team.

  1. Have a Team of Cheerful People

Lastly, give importance to the satisfaction of the team members. Most of the firm fail to realize the value of keeping their workers happy and later cry for their disloyalty. See the statistical report below to learn how a poor management or company culture affects the performance of the employees.

  • Udemy states that almost 56% of the workers left their job because of bad management.
  • As per the report by West Monroe, 45% of team members have applied outside after having a bad day in their firm.
  • Robert Half report reveals that one-third of job seekers will leave the perfect job if they find corporate culture was a bad fit and 12% of them go if they do not feel appreciated.

These figures are ample to learn the significance of having a troop of happy workers. So, keep your team members happy. Harvard Business Review proves that happiness lifts productivity by 31%, sales by 37%, as well as task precision by 19%.

Follow the tips suggested in this write-up seriously if you want to build a more prosperous firm. The more productive you become, the more positive you feel about your life. It helps you to defeat stress and also to take up the challenging tasks more firmly. So, be organized and give your entire attention to the present work to improve productivity.

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