The Cric and Guess Game is All about Cricket Prediction

Before placing a bet on a particular cricket team to win, it is important to understand what the chances are of a team winning or losing. Cricket match prediction does not depend on guesswork but on precise calculations and observations. A lot of factors can determine the outcome of a match and a good match prediction involves studying those factors to understand which team is in a more favorable position to win. Predictions for upcoming matches can easily be found on the internet and on numerous mobile apps. But you can make a prediction about a cricket match yourself too by observing the following points about the two teams.

Home Conditions:  Everything would be in your hands if you play in home conditions. Factors like the nature of the pitch, climatic conditions, and home support bring motivation to the home team and give them a psychological edge over their opponent.

Key Players: This depends entirely on the personal ability of the players. Big hitters like Virat Kohli or Chris Gayle possess a lot of individual talent and can change the nature of the match. Same is the case with good bowlers. The presence of talented key players in a team increases the chances of the match going in their favor.

Toss: There is a certain bit of advantage for a team that wins the toss. It may not be the deciding factor in a match. But it would certainly give the team that wins the toss the option of choosing “what they want” and follow their strategy.

Team Standing: It is the most important factor to be kept in mind. If a top-ranking team like Australia faces a low-ranked team like Bermuda, the chances of Bermuda’s defeat are almost certain. So, it is important to check the rankings of the teams facing each other to make a reasonable decision as to which team is more likely to win.

Playing Eleven: It is vital to check which players have been included in the lineups of both the teams and the quality and career statistics of those players. Focus specifically on the strike rate and batting average for batsmen and economy rate for the bowlers. The quality of the players determines the team strength; the stronger team has more chances of winning.

Current Form and TrendsTrends can play a vital role in deciding the outcome of a match. For example, Pakistan has never defeated India in a World Cup match. Such a trend can provide a psychological edge to the team with a favorable position in the trend. Pakistan may face more pressure than India when the two teams meet in a World Cup match as the historical records and trends are stacked against them. A Current form can also determine the outcome of a match.  

Predicting a cricket match may appear tricky, but it is not that hard, and with more experience and knowledge about the game, you can become better and more accurate at it.

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