Valentine’s isn’t just for Couples!

It’s commonly thought that Valentine’s Day is a couple’s affair, but single people all over the world are challenging that dogma and enjoying Valentines without a significant other. Although couples may find it hard to believe how such a romantic day can be enjoyed by singles, the day is slowly becoming yet another excuse to have a good time with friends, and maybe even enjoy a few drinks.

Valentine’s Day is an ancient holiday, going back to the third century celebration of Saint Valentine’s death. It also coincides with the pagan festival of Lupercalia, a celebration of fertility. The modern day Valentines has little to do with fertility or Saint Valentine’s, and more do with buying overpriced chocolates, cards, flowers, and even gifts. Couples look forward to this day as a reason to go out somewhere and enjoy some quality time together. So this Valentines, instead of sitting at home and moping about all the happy couples on your Facebook feed, why not organize a friends Valentine ’s Day party?

Organizing such a party is actually extremely easy to do, and it has more to do with semantics then any specific type of planning. First of all, there’s no need to use the word single over and over again. Although you may be perfectly content with your own singleness, some of your other friends may take offence to you so openly proclaiming their status. Instead, focus the day on friends and family, and the quality time that you can spend together. That also means not using the traditional Valentine’s Day decorations. Besides the fact that seeing so much red and pink in one place is bound to enrage you or drive you crazy, it sets too much of a ‘romantic’ mood, which you’re trying to avoid. Instead, go completely opposite with blues, greens, or yellows for decorative elements, and no one will doubt for a second that this is an anti-Valentines party.

As with any party, snacks or food are a must. Eating at a party actually provides everyone with something to do, especially when it’s done in the form of a dinner at a big table. It’ll really give the party a family feel, bringing all of you together in the act of enjoying some delicious food.

Obviously, there’s no reason to be completely against Valentines. It’s nice to still set a slightly romantic mood, and for all you know, some relationships could be formed at your party! You can light some candles and dim the lights, immediately setting a comfortable and relaxing mood in which people will be more willing to get to know each other. Games are another great way to set a friendly vibe and get everyone involved. You can go classic with some poker (or even strip poker if you’re feeling raunchy), or do some carnival games, such as pinning a tail on a donkey. You’ll want to customize these games to suit your needs, and perhaps add some adult-themed elements if you’re really trying to get the romantic mood going.

Finally don’t forget the drinks! No one says you need alcohol to have fun, but it always helps!

And just like that you have a Singles Valentine’s party ready to go, with all your friends excited to meet new people and get away from the corporate messaging. Just remember to have fun, and don’t get caught up in the romance of it all!

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