4 Ways to Improve Weight Loss When You Hit a Wall

Do you feel horrible every time you get on the scale? Have your attempts at diet and exercise failed to provide the expected results? Don’t feel bad! Weight loss is tough. Hold your head high because you’re trying. Still, you may want to try some new tactics. Here are four ways to improve weight loss when you hit a wall.

Drink More Water

Water is the ultimate nutrient. That’s why it’s so prevalent in the plant world. Each time you work out, you’re losing water. In fact, your body expends water during virtually every activity. You must replenish this liquid to strengthen your body.

While the idea of 64 ounces of water each day is a general guideline and not a hard rule, you should still practice it. At the very least, aim for this level of hydration on occasion. That way, you’ll strengthen your body. Plus, drinking water will make you feel full, reducing your need to eat. Whenever you feel hungry outside of meal times, try a glass of water. It may solve the problem while saving you some calories.

Reduce Cardio

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Many fitness instructors will tell you that this strategy is insane. They’re wrong. Your cardio is wonderful for your heart. It gets your blood pumping and provides a nice coat of sweat, both of which help a dieter. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to overdo their exercising, especially at the start when they feel driven to make an impact.

Too much cardio will have a negative impact on your weight. Your metabolism will slow down because you’re unintentionally reducing lean muscle mass. To burn the same number of calories, you’ll have to work harder, which you might mistake as a reason to do more cardio. It’s a vicious circle you need to break.

Lessen Your Stress

The human body is amazing. When you demand more of your body, it’ll perform to your expectations. Like any other piece of hardware, however, you run the risk of damaging it due to chronic use. In exercise terms, working out too hard too often isn’t the best way to lose weight. To the contrary, you’re placing undue stress on your physique.

When you exercise strenuously, your body will also produce cortisol. Scientists call it the stress hormone, which tells you why you don’t want it. Cortisol causes an increase in stubborn fat in your body. When you’re dieting, that’s the last thing you want.

Consider How You Pay

Okay, this suggestion sounds weird, but science supports it. In stores, you should train yourself to pay with cash. When you pay with a credit card, research suggests that you’re more likely to buy unhealthy foods. The underlying rationale is that consumers don’t connect credit cards to lost money. For this reason, they are more likely to spend more by making impulse purchases.

The way grocery stores stage their products, most of these items are fatty foods that will wreck your diet. When you get home, you can use the money you save to shop online for healthier dietary items, such as keto supplements.

You want to diet and lose weight, and that’s admirable. Don’t get frustrated! Simply follow the four suggestions above, and you’ll look and feel your best almost immediately.

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