Mastering the Art of Pampering Yourself

Women often have two jobs, their regular jobs and taking care of their families at home. This often leads to lots of stress and a feeling of never having a rest. As it seems like the work keeps coming, the stress can often lead all the way to health related issues. This is why it is important for women to carve out time,and use that time to pamper themselves. It may not only be a nice thing to do, it may be a necessary thing to do.

For many women the idea of pampering herself seems foreign. But it is something that every woman needs to master. Here are some suggestions for pampering yourself:

  1. Schedule in Your Pampering Times and Stick to Them

This will seem like an impossible chore in the beginning, but just like you always make sure that dinner is at 8 and Jenny gets to her soccer practice, you need to put your pampering time on the schedule and make it an immovable activity. This time needs to be only about you, where you can participate in your activities uninterrupted. If this means getting hubby away from the TV to watch the kids during these times, then that is what needs to happen. Remind him that the happier he makes you, the happier you can make him and the opposite is also true.

  1. Get a Facial

There is no better way to pamper yourself then to have a professional work on something about you, and facials top the list. You should go to the best salon you can afford, and get as full a treatment. Unlike getting a haircut that you may or may not like after two weeks, facials have no downsides and a ton of upsides. In addition to a very relaxing time where you don’t have to lift a finger, here are some of the benefits of a facial:

  • You skin will be thoroughly cleansed and have a glow.
  • A facial will smooth out wrinkles.
  • A facial will soften and remove blackheads.
  • Your skin will be hydrated.
  • Discolorations on your face will fade temporarily and your skin tone will be evened.
  • The esthetician will give you great advice on what products you should use to have the best looking skin.
  1. Get to Bed Early

This one may seem hard to achieve with your daily to do list overflowing, but your pampering must include putting it all to the side sometimes, and picking it back up the next day. So just do it. You may find that the things that you thought had to get done by 10 pm, actually could wait until the next day. And you will be rested for once when that alarm clock rings at 6 am.

  1. Take a New Class

Try Yoga or cooking or even learn a foreign language. The goal is to get you out of the house and put your mind on something different. There are local colleges or community centers that offer extension classes in a variety of subjects. Look them up and join. It does not have to be exactly what you want, and you may find out you are great at this new thing and it becomes a hobby.

  1. Hire a Housekeeper for a Day

This is the ultimate pampering for you. Not having everything tidy and organized at home is probably causing you more stress, and creating more work for you. Try hiring a housekeeper, just once in a whilefor a deep clean and organizing. It will put your mind at ease and definitely be a pampering you deserve.

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