5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Gold Earring Designs

Earrings are a must-have accessory in a women’s closet irrespective of age or geography. Whether you wear modern or traditional outfits, going to formal events or just following your day to day schedule, you need to accessorise with the right kind of earrings.

Trends in the jewellery industry come and go, but gold has always kept its place secure and permanent. There are various kinds of gold earrings available like studs, danglers, hoops, droplets and hangings to suit different occasions, moods and personalities of the wearer.

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing gold earring designs.

Consider the Face Shape

Gold earrings should be bought keeping in mind the face of the wearer. Long earrings suit people with round faces giving them an impression of elongation and emphasis on the cheekbones. Those having heart-shaped faces look best in dangly earrings probably in a teardrop shape. Round or oval earrings look best on a square face. Those having an oval face cut are the most blessed ones as all earrings suit this face cut.

Hair Length

This is another important criterion to consider while choosing earrings. If you wear short hairstyles with a bare neckline and earlobes, then any size and style of earring would look good and can be worn effortlessly. Gold studs worn on exposed ears look very elegant and smart. Long hair cascading over the ears conceals the studs or tiny earrings. If you have long hair, you should opt for longer earrings that can peek out through the flowing locks.

Consider the Event

If you are attending any formal event, then gold earrings should be understated and elegant without competing with your outfit for attention. If you are going to office, the professionalism should be maintained and hence go with minimalistic designs. A small drop or studs should be the best choice for it. You can go creative when hanging out with friends casually.

Usage Is Important

If you are buying gold earrings for daily use, it should be robust and not too long, heavy or fancy. Small earrings, studs etc. are perfect for daily wear. For occasional wear, you can buy anything that you want.

Gold is a timeless material and buying gold earring is always the preferred choice for women. One can buy gold earrings keeping in mind the above-discussed features. Even if you want to try earrings that don’t go with your face cut or hair length, you can find a way out. For instance, if you have long hair and still want to try those little cute and sophisticated studs, pull your hair into an up-do and adorn those studs.

Another plus point of buying gold earrings is that they look stunning with every hair colour. Irrespective of whether you have blonde, jet black or brownish hair, gold earrings are always the perfect choice. It’s just that opting for the right gold earring design matters the most.

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