5 Maintenance Tips for Heavy Machinery

When it comes to mining and construction, the use of heavy machinery and equipment is essential. Only through the use of heavy equipment can you move around large rocks out of the way or lift heavy objects to place somewhere else. If you want your equipment to be at their best, it is important to take care of them.

Here are some tips when maintaining heavy equipment or machinery

1. Regular Check-up

Heavy machines are very much like people. They’d need check-ups to see if they are still good to go or if they are suffering from certain problems. This is something that is overlooked most of the time because of how time-consuming it is to look at every nook of your machine. It is important to know if your machines are still in good condition before engaging in any kind of work.

2. Avoid Abusing Your Machines

There are at times where we force our machines to do more than what they can. Prolonged usage would often lead to overheating. When using your machines for too long, their efficiency and condition deteriorate because they are not taking the time to rest. Similar with people, machines also need to rest up. So that we could avoid potential damage inside their components due to wear and tear. Once you feel that their engines are starting to get hot, maybe it’s time to turn them off for a while.

3. Store Your Machines Properly

Storage can sometimes pose a problem for your backhoes and bulldozers. They’re big so they won’t fit in normal parking lots. Improper storing of heavy equipment could result in damaging them. They should all be stored in a moisture-free storage to avoid corrosion and formation of rust. Rust and corrosion will damage some of the components of your equipment, hindering them from performing at their best.

4. Let the Right People Handle Them

Using a heavy equipment is not like using a small car or a truck. A professional driver, capable of driving construction vehicles, should be the ones behind the steering wheel of heavy equipment. This is to avoid mishandling of the vehicle, which would eventually result in damage. Make sure that a well-trained professional driver would be able to handle a certain construction vehicle to avoid damages and accidents while out on the field.

5. Bearing Maintenance

Like any other vehicles, heavy equipment also has different kinds of bearings inside of them. They are a little bit bigger than the normal ones because of how big those vehicles are. Bearings would fall under the first tip because they could pose a problem when left unchecked for their condition. Make sure that all the bearings are working properly or you’ll suffer from damages that they will cause to you and to those around you. Replace those worn out bearings with new ones when you see one.

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