5 Reasons Why Bicycling is making a Big Comeback!

If you bike in the Yorkshire area, you know it can at times be a hair raising experience and that’s even for the most experienced riders out there. Occasional angry and aggressive motorists, hills, and other obstacles are just a few of the things that a cyclist faces on a day to day basis.

For a number of folks, such obstacles are what makes cycling such a thrill. However, for various others, they represent a hindrance to biking that can be hard to overcome mentally or physically. And that is where the electric bike enters the scene as it is a much more versatile, easier to utilise, and safer solution.

Let’s see why:

  1. More Dexterity
  • A top quality electric bike will let you accelerate with precision and power when you need it most. Start to pedal and your bike will react straightaway.
  • Begin at the red stop light, and you’ll be accelerating just ahead of the traffic rather than behind it, making yourself easily visible to all drivers you are sharing traffic lanes with.
  • In the city, it is frequently necessary to undertake rapid decisions and speedy manoeuvres.
  • An ebike provides you with the ability to be able to make those moves when you are required to do so.
  1. A New Dimension in Riding
  1. New Found Confidence to Take a Lane
  • Sometimes it can be safer to move out of a bike lane and take a lane, thus making use of a full traffic lane rather than the shoulder.
  • An electric bicycle helps you to go along with the speed of the traffic.
  • You won’t be holding up any drivers behind you, and are less likely to make them do something stupid to get past you.
  1. A Step up in Momentum
  • Following the rules of the road and riding defensively are very important, and having high quality brakes and an intuitive electric assist system.
  • You will never have to think twice again about having to stop at a red light, or slowing down for any motorist who may not see you in his mirror riding.
  • All the pain of losing momentum on a conventional bicycle will be gone.
  1. Quality Increases Safety
  • The best ebikes are equipped with top class quality components that can be relied upon to keep you safe while taking on the roads of Yorkshire.
  • Wide and dependable tires for perfect stability and manoeuvring, high quality brakes and lights, and a robust suspension for anything like potholes.

And you wonder why bicycling is making a big return?!

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