Breast Augmentation: Will it Look Natural?

Whether a breast implant will look natural enough or not is probably the most common question that many women ask before they take this kind of surgery into consideration. Most women who choose this type of cosmetic surgery do so because they’re concerned about the shape and look of their current breasts or have a health issue that requires it. Therefore, it’s absolutely natural that they want it to look natural after the operation is over.

If the intervention is properly performed, the results can be great, with a beautiful shape that perfectly harmonizes with a woman’s figure. Choosing the right type of breast implant and finding the most skilled surgeon available is vital to obtain the best results possible, especially given the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

A great augmentation will look natural and leave no visible scarring.  Let’s see how to increase your chances of having natural-looking breast after surgical augmentation.

  1. Carefully choose your implant’s size

Choosing the right size breast implant is important to make it fit properly to the patient’s body shape. Tall, broad-shouldered women need a different profile to enhance their natural breasts than a stockier and shorter individual.

A breast profile should never look too full or out of proportion to the shoulders, waist and hips. Otherwise it will just look unnatural and artificial. Oversized implants might also cause the upper pole to look rounded, convex and ultimately fake.

Finding an implant that fits the body is critical to provide a youthful appearance. Many surgeons will test different implant sizes intra-operatively to find the one that looks more natural inside the operating room.

  1. Find the best surgeon available

The right surgeon will make a huge difference, since they are the one who is going this delicate surgical intervention. A good cosmetic surgeon will know which type and size of implant will fit the patient’s profile best, and a lot of experience and a steady hand are necessary to achieve great results.

Finding a doctor you can trust is important. Nothing is worse than choosing an inexperienced one who will leave you to deal with the issues of a botched operation. Unfortunately, the government does not require a physician to receive specific training in the surgical operations they offer. This means that any specialist with general surgery training might perform cosmetic surgery even if he or she is not adequately trained to do this job.

You can protect yourself from incompetence by checking if the surgeon of your choosing is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). This board vets all the doctors, and checks their background, education and training. Do not forget to check all his portfolio of previous operations, too. How many good results are available among their before-and-after patients’ photos? Are they able to provide consistent results and great quality all the time?

  1. Determine where the implant is going to be placed

Another important factor in determining how natural your breast implant will look is the exact position where it is going to be placed inside your chest. Normally, the breast augmentation device is implanted on top of the chest muscles to let the fat that sits under the skin provide it with a natural appearance.

However, slimmer women not have enough fat, so the top of the implant may be visible under the skin and look unnatural if the wrong size is chosen. There are some possible solutions to solve this issue.  Your surgeon can remove some fats from other body areas via liposuction, and then inject it back. However, this procedure is usually quite complicated and expensive, so changing the place where it is inserted can be much easier.

For example, the upper edge of the device can be placed under the muscles, although there’s a risk of contraction if you become too muscular. Finally, the  “subfascial augmentation”  is a relatively newer technique where the surgeon will place the breast implant under the thin tissues that covers the chest muscle. The results are usually more natural, with a smoother surface and a realistic movement.

Since choosing the right breast implant and surgeon is so important, just take your time before making a choice. Visit many clinics and interview several different specialists until you’re fully convinced. After all, you’re going to live with the results of this cosmetic surgery.


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