Cannabis Inhalation Questions Answered: Get a Metered Dose of CBD or THC Using a Vaporizer

The cannabis plant has come a long way over the last decade or so; gaining global attention from advocates and cynics alike. Recently, medical marijuana seems to be stealing the limelight and for very good reason. Now legalized as a natural treatment in 29 states (and counting), the “healing” herb is relied on as a cure for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and believe it or not, cancer. Even parents are turning to cannabis in a bid to save their children’s lives, therefore it is understandable why the stigma associated with this green plant is quickly dissipating.


Aside from being integrated into clinical cancer care, the market for medical marijuana is spreading further afield. A growing number of medical cannabis patients and non-medical users are being drawn towards cannabis inhalation in the form of vaporization. Utilizing an advanced delivery system such as a vaporizer device ensures the swift absorption of active chemical compounds, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).


How does a cannabis vaporizer work?


Herb vaporizers and even e-cigarettes are being utilized to inhale marijuana nowadays. A revolutionary new way to consume marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, cannabis inhalation technology works by heating cannabis plant matter to its “boiling point”. When the herb combusts, its terpene flavor profile and cannabinoid goodness will be delivered straight to the lungs.


Vaporization technology is smoke-free and a lot safer for the lungs, not to mention the people around you. Advanced products can be utilized with both concentrates and plant material, offering the utmost convenience for curious cannabis connoisseurs. Keep in mind that while a vaporizer might emit a subtle scent, cannabis oil inhalers will be odorless.


Will I be able to use cannabis vaporizers in public?


Cannabis vaporizers (or “vapes” as they are often called by their users) come in all shapes and sizes. Small vapes may resemble a pen or even an asthma pump, making them a discretionary option for everyone. Since the vapor that you inhale and exhale is usually odorless, there is no reason why anybody around you should know that you are consuming cannabis, unless you tell them of course!


Although cannabis inhalation is discreet, you must pay attention to any public smoking signs before taking a puff. Vaping bans have been enacted in certain states, prohibiting users from using their devices in areas where children are present, inside the workplace, near the entrance to public places, etc.


Can I get the same effects from inhalation as I can from smoking?


Yes – more potent effects, actually. Better for your long-term health, vaporization ensures the timely absorption of cannabis’ active medical ingredients, including CBD. Unlike smoking, which is a leading cause of respiratory problems like bronchitis, vaporization does not cause damage to the lungs. It does, however, guarantee your body receives the maximum amount of anti-inflammatory terpenoids, so you can expect full flavor without the coughing fit.


Will I spend more money if I inhale cannabis with a vaporizer?


Moneywise, vaporization is actually a cost-effective alternative to smoking cannabis. Once you’ve invested in a nice vaporizer, you will save heaps of money in the long-run. All you need to spend your hard-earned cash on is a top-up (herb or concentrates) when it is running low.  If you’re not sure what’s best for your needs, try talking to one of the clerks at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary to get perspective on the different types of CBD and THC products.


As much as 46% of THC can be transformed into vapor with a vaporizer, which is almost double the amount of THC that converts with the typical joint. With that being said, your stash is sure to last longer if you vape!


What are marijuana concentrates?


If you peruse the cannabis inhalation products inside San Francisco dispensaries, you will notice how particular products are designed for dry herb only, whereas others contain concentrates. Metered dose inhalers, such as the Syqe Medical and Mystabis inhalers, are an ingenious choice for cannabis consumers who do not want to exceed their daily dosage. Each puff will deliver the same amount of THC or CBD, making marijuana inhalers perfect for people on the move.


Purer, cleaner and stronger, cannabis concentrates come in many forms, including:


  • Budder and Crumble – Chemical solvents are used to withdraw THC from the plant matter to create budder and crumble concentrates, which have a soft consistency.

  • Oil – Cannabis oil concentrates tend to taste quite earthy. Suitable for oral administration, oil concentrates are commonly used with tinctures. A well-known oil is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

  • Shatter – If you have heard about dabbing, you will know that shatter is one of the best concentrates for making dabs. It looks a bit like honey and feels waxy.


What is the importance of monitoring cannabinoid dosage?

Recreational marijuana users ought to monitor their cannabinoid dosage as a way of understanding their tolerance. The more you know about your tolerance to THC and/or CBD, the easier it will be to select the perfect cannabis strain and avoid any undesirable reactions. Visit your doctor if you are concerned about CBD dosage for medical purposes.

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