Careers Based on your Favorite TV series

You know life has just become super-serious when you need to start thinking of the path you’re going to take career-wise. There’s no bigger wake up call than this. For some it can seriously cause the stress levels to skyrocket and for the lucky ones who already know their dream career, it’s an easy task. But let’s remember that this accounts for the minority of the population. The rest find it exceptionally difficult to pinpoint the career they could see themselves still enjoying 10-20 years from now. It’s a tall order to make, especially when you remind yourself that these are school-leavers who are called to make this mammoth decision. These youngsters barely know themselves, let alone what they want their life to look like in the distant future.

While they can search for the answers through surfing the web, chatting to recruiters, bouncing ideas off their friends or running it past their parents, possibly the most unconventional – but the most 21st Century way of coming up with career options, is through TV series’. Yes, we know it may sound rather strange, but as we know, in this day and age every one of us has been or is still hooked to a TV Series. Think of Suits, for example, it certainly projects the best, most exciting side to law and it may twist the viewers arm to actually pursue a career in that space. There are plenty of exciting TV shows that focus on the careers and lives of the characters, and though it may be a little distorted now and then, it is still a fairly good representation of the ups and downs of holding that specific type of role. Even if one is not necessarily eager to take this unorthodox approach to career-choosing, the mere fact that they’d be able to understand more about the career that’s being honed in on, will certainly help them to identify their options as well as their likes and dislikes, when it comes to a certain profession.

Whether you’re a TV series fanatic or not, you’re certainly going to find our list rather amusing and, of course, helpful! We’ve hand-picked the best series that highlight different occupations and careers, which may just be the thing you need, for that ‘ah ha’, light-bulb moment. And, if you stumble upon an interesting prospect, perhaps invest the time in watching the show, in order to get an even better idea of what the job entails.


CSI takes the viewer into the lives of forensic investigators who have given up their lives to solve gruesome crimes, for the good of the community. This is no easy job, forensic investigating calls for a high degree of critical thinking and strategic skills, and, of course years and years of in-depth training. They work unusual hours and are constantly on standby for a call-out to a crime scene. People who enjoy analyzing situations, problem solving, and who genuinely take an interest in making a difference in people’s lives, would make great forensic investigators. It is an exceptionally rewarding job, especially when you manage to crack the case. Other roles that play a huge part in solving crimes include; detectives, lab technicians and medical examiners.

Mr. Robot (Cyber Security Engineer)

Mr. Robot, a young, brainy computer programmer works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and a dark, calculated hacker by night. It’s quite the contrast as cyber security engineers aim to protect databases, networks and computer systems from getting hacked. However, that’s what makes him such an incredible cyber security engineer – he understands the minds and tactics of hackers and with this knowledge, can outsmart them. A career in engineering is an exciting, ever-evolving space and engineers such as these are incredibly sought-after. Every company, bank and organization in the world needs a strong team of security engineers, for the safety of their data and computer systems. Without this highly important team, they are at high risk of cyber-attacks – attacks which could potentially ruin them completely.

Billions (hedge-fund manager)

Billions, a drama set in New York, depicts the lives of two powerful businessman who try to outsmart and outmaneuver each other in pursuit of power, influence and wealth. It’s a battle between two strong forces, that show just how tough it is to be at the top. Bobby Axelrod, the favored character, is a hedge fund manager who has the charisma, charm and ingenuity to completely turn a tight situation around, to see himself in the pound seat, literally. His tactics certainly emphasize the innovative and strategic minds of investors, while highlighting their five-star lifestyle which their smart moves have earned them. The series doesn’t make it all look like sunshine and rainbows, however, the challenges that come with being a powerful, wealthy individual, who leads an incredibly stressful life, is clearly represented and may indeed scare some people out of the financial industry. However, it’s another extremely rewarding field that could afford you the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Modern Family (real estate)

Modern family enters into the lives of four families who try their best to navigate life in a modern world. One of the families who seem to have it all together, thanks to their successful careers and level-headedness, is the Dunphy’s. Phil Dunphy – the father – is one of the best real estate agent’s in the area, although has a clear rivalry with his successful real estate counterpart, Gil Thorpe. He discreetly competes with Gil, trying his utmost best to close more deals than he does. This is, however a pretty accurate representation of the real estate industry. It’s cut-throat and competitive, but only because there’s plenty of money to be made – and the early bird catches the worm! Becoming a real estate agent is not for the faint of heart, but if you have the gift of the gab and thrive on competition, this may be the industry for you!

New Girl (Teacher)

New Girl is arguably the most witty series of the year. The main character, Jess, moves in with three single guys after experiencing a bad breakup. She’s the girl next door who is a little naive, but has a fun-loving side that grabs the attention of more than one man in the house. She, however, is oblivious to her beauty and charm and prefers to go about her life in an unconventional way. She gets into messy situations, awkward encounters and can be exceptionally clumsy when it comes to ‘adulting’. However, one thing she does with ease, is teaching. She is a passionate teacher to little ones who look up to her, and surprisingly she manages to keep it together in front of the classroom.

A career in teaching is said to be a ‘calling’, as it takes a special type of person to guide and tutor a class full of kids. Not only is it challenging to manage a large group, but one also needs to be blessed with the patience of a saint. If you think you have what it takes, why not enter into the world of education?

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