Common Air Conditioning Problems in Cars

The air conditioning unit in modern vehicles is very common. In less than a century, automotive engineering has evolved by leaps and bounds. Today, vehicles are equipped with a wide range of different features that were thought to be impossible in vehicles at one point in time. When the air conditioner was discovered by Willis Carrier, it wasn’t long before car manufacturers began looking for options through which they could fit air conditioners in cars. Within a few years, new vehicles were released that were equipped with air conditioners. Today, that technology has come very far. However, as a prudent driver, you should know that there are plenty of different issues that you might encounter with the air conditioning in your car. Here are some common issues.

Refrigerant Leakage

The refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning unit is required to cool the air. If the refrigerant is leaking, it indicates a leak within the unit. It’s important that you take your car to a local workshop that offers services related to car air conditioning in East Sussex in order to first determine the source of leakage, seal it, and then get the refrigerant refilled.

Issues with the Blower Motor

Another common issue that many people encounter with the air conditioning systems in their vehicles is when the blower motor begins to malfunction. The blower motor is installed behind the dashboard and is used for throwing cool air within the cabin. With time, the pipes may become clogged due to the debris in the motor. You need to get the blower motor opened and then cleaned out thoroughly to ensure proper airflow. Blower motor problems are quite common and don’t really cost a lot of money. There are several other issues that you might encounter, most notably with the condenser.


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