Conventional Food vs Organic Food

Conventional Food. WHAT’S IN IT?

The American lifestyle makes easting a no brainer. We are one of the most abundant countries when it comes to food and it is everywhere. However, have you ever questioned what is in the food you eat?

Here are a few things that you need to know about what you are eating when it comes to conventional foods. Prepare to be shocked.

Processed foods:

Everyone knows that processed foods are the devil. Here is why:

Preservatives – these are chemicals that are used to increase shelf life. They have also been implicated in causing many different health conditions from neurological disorders to cancer. Increase shelf life. Linked to anything from hyperactivity in children, neurological disorders to cancer.

Flavor enhancers – just as you might think, these chemicals are designed to improve the flavor of otherwise tasteless foods. They have been proven to be toxic and a major contributor to obesity.

Food colorings/dyes – these compounds affect the color of the foods we eat and can cause allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children and have been implicated in several different cancers.

Fat replacers – low fat foods often include these compounds that prevent you from absorbing fat in your diet. They also prevent the absorption of fat soluble vitamins in your diet.

Artificial sweeteners – Sugar may be bad, but at least its natural. Artificial sweetener is worse, causing all sorts of problems from diabetes to cancer to heart conditions and more.

Synthetic vitamins – Synthetic vitamins were introduced to help people add vitamins and minerals to depleted diets. However, there is no oversight to how much is added back in, which can result in an overdose if eaten with a daily multivitamin.

Emulsifiers – improve texture and shelf life by preventing fats from separating in proeducts. They also cause metabolic syndrome, which can lead to obesity.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fresh foods:

Unfortunately, the list of offenders in fresh foods isn’t much shorter.

Steroidal Hormones – These are used to produce bigger animals with less feed. They also impact those that eat this meat.

Antibiotics – Nearly ¾ of all animals produced for food in the U.S. Receive antibiotics, which lead to increased weight gain in those animals. Unfortunately, it also causes antibiotic resistant bacteria, which leads to a whole new set of problems.

Genetically Modified Organisms – these are living organisms that have been altered at the genetic level in a lab. These organisms have been shown to be unstable and may cause health conditions that have not yet been causally linked to consuming these mutants.

Pesticides/Fungicides/Herbicides -used to control unwanted contaminations and are highly toxic.


Are you really aware of what you are eating? Eating wholesome organic foods is the only way to ensure that you are avoiding all of the major offenders and most of the minor ones. While the government states that all of these substances “appear to be safe” studies have continuously proven that false. The best way to avoid all of these compounds is to grow your own organic foods. However, you can also buy local organically grown foods to achieve the same result. And always buy organic when you can’t source yourself.

Conventional Food may not be the best choice for your health. Visit Organic Housewife to learn more about the benefits of eating organic.

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