Defining the Differences of Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Scooters

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According to experts at Wheels, three basic terms cover a broad range of two-wheeled machines. These machines include the moped, scooter, and motorcycle. Whilst the terms are often used interchangeably, there are distinctions.

An Umbrella Term

For example, the term “motorcycle” is used as an umbrella term. All mopeds and scooters are then considered motorcycles but all motorcycles are not defined as mopeds and scooters. A motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle that comes in various designs and engine sizes. Motorcycles can then include supersports, tourers, and off-roaders.

Scooters and mopeds vary just enough in their own unique ways that they usually remain distinct from other named motorcycle forms of transport. However, because the two terms are used interchangeably, the variations of the cycles can be confusing to anyone who is not familiar with the machines.

The Historical Definition of a Moped

Wheels professionals term a moped, historically, as a motorbike with pedals. However, the design of the cycle lost favour in the 1970s. Although powered electric push bikes are more of a common sight currently, they are not considered to be mopeds.

Mopeds Do Not Require a Full Motorcycle Licence

These days, mopeds are legally defined as lower-powered motorcycles with an engine capacity that does not exceed 50cc or a maximum speed of 45kph. The vehicles can be ridden legally on the road with L-plates once the rider passes CBT training. Therefore, mopeds do not require a full motorcycle licence.

The Basic Scooter Design

Many riders of scooters define a scooter, such as any Vespa PX for sale, as a bike with a step-through type of frame. This means that you can step into the motorcycle rather than having to climb on board and swing your leg over the design. Scooters offer platforms for riders to place their feet.

A scooter with an engine of 50ccs or less is classified for legal purposes as a moped whilst a scooter with a higher engine capacity is a scooter. Therefore, some scooters may have engine capacities as high as 900cc. Regardless, if the motorcycle offers a platform for your feet, it still is technically a scooter.

The Differences in Costs

Besides the design features, you also have to regard the insurance and tax, which differ between mopeds and scooters. So, when it comes to buying insurance or paying the applicable tax, you quickly will find out whether or not your motorcycle is technically, as far as costs, a scooter or moped.

Making a Selection

When selecting any kind of motorcycle, carefully review the features of the bike and see how the vehicle will meet your lifestyle requirements. You also want to check the power and the comfort of the seat. Does the machine match your personality and temperament? Do you like the design and colour? You also want to find out how much petrol is consumed, or the kilometres per litre for the machine. Most of the cycles are exceptionally popular when it comes to petrol consumption.

Take a look online and view the various options. Whilst a motorcycle is a motorcycle, scooters and mopeds are definitively unique forms of transportation.

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