IP address is one factor that we often encounter when we are subscribing a home broadband package. Normally, we get a unique IP address, while users with cheaper plans could get shared IP address. Technically speaking, IP address is something unique that is assigned to individual computers. This should help networks to identify specific computer. There two types of IP address, static IP and dynamic IP address. Users should know the difference between the two, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. IP address should be unique, so no two computers can have the same address, which will result in conflicts. Dynamic IP addresses are administered by DHCP and this allows for much faster configuration and IP address allocations. In this case, all machines should get their unique IP address. This should make the task of adding more machines to the network to become much easier. Ragrdles of the structure and the size of the network, it should be quite easy to allocate dynamic IP address. In larger LAN networks, dynamic IP administration can really help us save time.

It is clear that dynamic IP is appropriate for larger networks, because we don’t need to configure hundreds or thousands of computers in the network manually. For users, it is much easier for them to log in anonymously. However, there are some disadvantages of dynamic IP and it is not appropriate for web hosting. For this reason, it is essential that we acquire static IP address. It means that users could type in our IP address alternatively, instead of our domain name. Static IP is an alternative to dynamic IP and it cmes with a number of distinct advantages. Obviously, we should choose static IP if we want to set up websites. The DNS will translated domain name to specific IP address and it is must be unique, because no two websites can have the same IP address. For network administrators, it will be much easier to identify troublesome machines. Hence, static IP could have better security potentials. Static IP will never change in any digital environment, because it determines how machines are identified and managed. For businesses that want to acquire broadband Internet connection, it is important that the plan also includes static IP.

It is important for companies to choose proper business broadband connection and it should have a number of additional features that ISPs will gladly provide. These features may include webspace, domain name, email name and others. In this case, it will be possible for companies to create their own unique email address that’s associated with the domain name. It will make a huge difference if our mail account has unique identity. Consumers will acknowledge us as more trustworthy and it is possible that we will gain more sales from them. With unique email address, our company can cut a niche among ur competitors. For gamers, static IP could also provide them with many good things. There will be many differences, because game servers will better approve and manage users with static IP. This http://www.icodesnippet.com will also provide us a competitive edge compared to other games.


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