An individual who exercises regularly is believed to have a sound body and mind. Exercises are not only needed to have a fit body, but they should be done diligently to ward off negative emotions from the mind. A very strong and detrimental negative feeling for the mind and soul is anger. It is true that sometimes anger is considered a natural and healthy reaction to a certain situation, but one should never allow this negative emotion to cause a deleterious situation in one’s life. Exercising regularly helps to shift one’s focus away from anger and one achieves a restful mind thereby aggravating no harsh feelings and developing habits to help in anger management. To enjoy a life of tranquility where bouts of anger will have seldom any influence, one needs to follow some exercises to be easy with anger.


Reading this immediately may give you the urge to start with the exercises for anger management. But remember, this anger management process is a quotidian activity that cannot be done according to one’s whim s and fancies. One has to be regular with it to achieve the desired results. The exercises are like:


Many medical centers are of the view that deep breathing is an effective approach to anger management. It helps the body to relax and is a very useful exercise to keep the mind at ease. When you see something is making you angry, draw yourself away from that situation and take refuge in a quiet lonely place. Sit in a comfortable position with hands placed lightly on your knees, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus on your breath and pause for a few seconds when you inhale and exhale. Clear the thoughts running in your mind and calm your senses-but do not catch some snores.


Close your eyes and start tensing and relaxing one major muscle at a time. First, start with the tensing of the toes for a few seconds and then relax the muscles. This type of exercise helps in anger management, stress relief and makes the body free from tension by calming the senses.

Practice BOXING:

Either grab your boxing gloves and head to the gym to vent your anger on the punching bag or join a boxing or kickboxing class to help you in anger management and release out the pent-up harsh feelings you have been holding inside you. This also gives way to body fitness. This will help you to be the case with stress and also you can very well stay in good shape.


Try a 20 minutes brisk walk whenever you feel angry. Instead of creating a scene and engaging in yelling, simply move out of the house or go to the backyard and take a brisk walk. This physical activity lowers stress hormones and is also a great way to stay in shape.


Join a team that plays outdoor games. You can also form your own team by calling up friends to play a game of basketball, soccer, volleyball or cricket. Be a regular at such team sports as this will not only help in anger management but will definitely help you focus and practice cooperation.


Skipping is also an aerobic activity and if you do not want yourself to enroll in the usual aerobic classes of your nearest gym, then grab your skipping rope and start this exercise to help you in anger management. This will get your heart pumping, will reduce anxiety and normalize the blood pressure level of your body. Try other similar activities too like running on a treadmill, cycling or jogging.


Yoga not only improves the body agility but also helps in calming the mind and senses. A great help for anger management, there is in numerous yoga asana that will also help you get an intense workout. Asana like the warrior pose is considered the most effective to help in releasing one’s anger and have control over it too.

Get started immediately if you want to want to go for an anger management session as this will bring balance and stability in your mind.

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