Extruded Silicone U ChannelRubber Gasket & Seal

Rubber gasket and sealing are very integral part of modern life applications. It’s used everywhere from your car door to refrigerator door, window door as well as in lighting fixture, laundry machine to pressure cooker, glass panel seal as well as in oven, etc. Still layman person, hardly get it noticed because mostly it’s product manufacturer who decidesmost of the aspect of this critical components which are integral part of their product. That’s why for OEM manufacture and aftermarket suppliers, itis very important to select right gasket manufacture who can assist them in selecting right material, right profile for their sealing needs.

Extruded rubber gasket and seals can be made in different variations.As per sealing requirement and location where gasket will be installedIt can be made in different shapes like U Channel, D shape, P Shape, T Shape, E Shape, C Channel, etc… Rubber U Channel gasket is one of the most popular gasket shapes which provides excellent sealing solutions for windows panels, GRP, doors, edge protection, glass and many more.

Designing & making a rubber U channelgasket, one need to ensure the reasonable grip it can hold for protection. It is very important to select right elastomer for making rubber U Channel and rubber U section depending up on mechanical, physical, environmental, chemical and temperature requirements of application. It can be made in different hardness rubber material from softest to hard one. For securing edges leg size and width are very important which provide ultimate protection.

Customized Rubber U channel& U section rubber gasket & seal

Depending on the need of the customer and where the rubber will be used, there are various factors to be considered to ensure full security. Extrusions like silicone rubber U channel, silicone rubber edge trim, silicone rubber U-section and silicone rubber U-shape gasket are just few examples benefitting the need of the application. Availability in different colors and shapes defining where it is consumed is a crucial decision ensuring whether the exact rubber u channel is realized or not.

For food grade and hygienic environment requirements it is crucial to choose FDA approved rubber u channel which is manufactured in a hygienic and clean atmosphere. In addition to the same, it is vital to examine that U channel is non-leaching and free of pyrogen.

U shaped rubber gasket and seal are made in small to large size in following shapes

  • Circular shaped U Channel Rubber Gasket
  • Oval shaped U Channel Rubber Gasket
  • Square Shaped U Channel Rubber Gasket
  • Other custom & odd shape of U Channel Rubber Gasket& Seal
  • Different material spec for making U ChannelRubber Gasket& Seal

Depending upon application requirements rubber U channel gasket and seal can be made using different spec of elastomer material, such as:

  • Food grade, FDA Grade
  • USP Class VI
  • NSF Std-51
  • Mil Spec
  • AMS, ASTM 2000, UL-94
  • Commercial and industrial grade
  • Toughness/ Hardness of the Rubber

Silicone Rubber U Channel gasket and seal can be made from softest (30 Shore A) to hardest silicone rubber material (80 Shore A)

  • Applications of Silicone Rubber U channel& Gasket

Speaking of the applications, Silicone Rubber U channel gasket and sealare widely used across the industries.  It provides sealing solutions for following industrial applications:

  • Door & Windows Seal
  • Medical &Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Food& Beverage Processing Plant
  • Oven Gasket
  • Sealing of windows and other architectural needs
  • GlassIndustries
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Autoclave Gasket
  • Manway Gaskets

Trusted Rubber U ChannelGasket & Seal Manufacturer

Accurate Rubber Corporation is leading manufacturer & supplier of extruded silicone rubber gasket and seal.  As per customer requirement and part specifications we can make premium quality rubber U Channel Gasket, D Shaped rubber seal, T Shape Silicone Gasket, P Shaped Silicone Gasket, and food grade rubber gasket with quick turnaround time.Please contact us at [email protected] if you need any further information about U Channel Rubber Gasket or have any questions about extruded gasket and seal and its applications.




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