Fire Pits Are the PERFECT Backyard Accessory & Here’s Why…

There are several advantages of having a fire pit and many different types of fire pits to choose.  Fire pits have practical advantages, from heat to increasing the value of your property.  They can help expand the summer months so you can enjoy more evenings outdoors under the stars.  Winter is the perfect time to start planning for your outdoor fire pit, so you’ll be ready as soon as it warms up.

Fire Pit Benefits

  • A fire pit is, of course, a great source of heat when the weather outside is cool.
  • No matter what the weather, a fire pit is a great source of entertainment for friends and family.  Imagine sitting around your outdoor fire pit enjoying each everyone’s company and watching the stars on a nice evening.  They are also perfect to add beauty and warm hominess to an outdoor party.
  • Use the contained fire to cook some outdoor favorites, such as s’mores, marshmallows, hot dogs, or bar-b-que some kabobs.
  • Fire pits are visually appealing, and most add value to a home because of their popularity.  No matter which type you decide on, an outdoor fire pit adds that something special to your yard.  By doing this, it extends your living space into the great outdoors.
  • Fire pits are perfect for a nice relaxing evening by yourself or with someone else.  A fire pit adds ambiance to the outdoors that can bring peace and relaxation.

Types of Fire Pits

There are permanent and portable fire pits, and either choice can come in a wide variety of sizes.  A permanent one will become part of the property, and these can be made from stone, granite, brick, or other fire-resistant materials.  If you move, it will remain with the property.  A portable fire pit will be something you can take with you if you move.  They are made with a variety of materials, such as copper, stainless steel, terracotta, brick, and more.  They are free-standing and portable.  Fire pits also have options for the fire source, such as wood, natural gas, propane, or alternate fuels like gel fuel.

Safety Tips

Everyone enjoys a fire pit, but it’s a good idea to keep basic fire safety tips in mind.  Check which direction the wind is blowing before you light a fire, and if it’s headed for your home, you might want to wait for a better time.  Don’t start your fire with gasoline or lighter fluid because they are too flammable.  Avoid wearing flammable clothing, such as nylon, and loose fitting clothing.  Be careful using soft woods like pine or cedar because they pop and throw sparks.  Dispose of ashes properly to avoid an unwanted fire.


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