Great Reasons Why Live- In Care Is The Right Option To Choose

As we or our elderly relatives get older, we immediately think of a care home, if things get too difficult to handle at home. There shouldn’t be a great rush to put this into place because there are other options to look at, when it comes to the continued care of our loved ones. The aim should be to keep our parents or older relatives at home for as long as possible, and live-in care is just the thing to make sure this happens. Specialists are now available to come to the homes of our loved ones and they provide all the care and assistance you need, to make sure that you retain your independence and don’t go through the stress of moving to a new home.

Allows Control.

Consultus Care is one such organisation, that provides independence and dignity to people who are not yet ready to move into a care home. For an elderly and sick person, it can be quite traumatic to have to move out of the home they have been living in for most of their life, and they just don’t want to move into a residential home where they will feel alone and uncomfortable. This will affect them both mentally and physically and this is something we just don’t want for the people we love.  The care provided can be twenty four hours, around the clock assistance which allows them to keep control of their lives for longer.

Familiarity Is The Key.

We all have our routines that we follow each day. It gives us a familiar feel and allows us to make our own decisions. Unfortunately, when we are moved to a nursing home, our independence is taken from us and we are no longer allowed to make important decisions that affect our daily lives. We need to be respected and listened to, and this will happen when we stay at home and take advantage of live-in care. Our families can still continue to visit as they normally do and we still get to see our friends and neighbours every day. Having live-in care doesn’t change much, you just get a little help where and when you need it.

Cost Effective.

As they say, home is where the heart is, and this is especially true when we have pets, personal belongings and memories from the home we live in. For dementia suffers, this is especially important, as familiarity is the key to good overall health and your general well being. Live-in care, changes none of this and you get to continue to control your life in the comfort of your own home, all the while with your nearest and dearest. Live-in care is massively cost effective when you compare it to living full time in a residential home. If you are a couple then significant savings are made when you decide to stay at home and let the health care come to you.

None of us want to get old, but it happens to us all. Maintaining your dignity and independence is imperative and so opting for live-in care is the right choice.

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