Head to a New Destination Every Weekend with Self Drive Cabs in Ludhiana

The daily grind is a phrase that everyone has come to live with. Weekends also start to feel the same; as the escape from routine work seeps into the same predictability as work itself! It is time to take charge, and the best solution is travel. Stepping out of Ludhiana and heading off to a new destination on weekends is the most refreshing choice of activity for weary city slackers, as they reclaim back their free time with new experiences.

Self Drive is the Best

No car? The current vehicle is not a good travel option? No more excuses! Freedom is a simple concept, but it is something everybody compromises on a lot when taking public or shared transport. A lot of the fun in travelling lies in the journey – the impromptu stops, the tasty dhaba food, pictures by the scenic highway and the detour with the pleasant surprises. These are missed out when one doesn’t travel on their own terms.

New Age Rentals

Customers can now rent a car with the assurance that there is enough choice of vehicles, whether the trip requires hatchbacks, sedans or SUVs. When looking for self drive cars in Ludhiana, it is important for the customer that he or she is not paying more than what is being driven for. Modern car rentals like Zoomcar offer flexible plans with free daily kilometres that are designed for long intensive drives and laidback multi-stop cruises. Another hallmark of these new car rental services is a focus on easy booking, where customers can facilitate everything on a light app and just pick up the car. Such experiences are designed keeping the young on-the-go generation in mind, where the smartphone is the key to saving time and convenience is king.

Safety and Security – Always a Priority

Car rentals also need to keep the basics in place – safety and security. That interstate jaunt into neighbouring Himachal Pradesh or Haryana becomes a more reassuring experience if one chooses a car rental provider that provides all India permits and 24/7 on-road support. Basic damage insurance also keeps the customer’s mind away from worst case scenarios and the journey is a pleasure filled, hassle and worry free experience.


Ludhiana is a city close to many top weekend destination candidates. One can head off for a cultural dose to Amritsar, or maybe a camping and trekking trail in Manali awaits. Punjab’s vibrant landscape waits to be discovered in Jalandhar and Patiala. Shimla and Dalhousie are the best destinations during the summer, and the scenic drives themselves worth the experience.

New nationwide car rental services like Zoomcar are focused on providing customers with the freedom of car ownership minus the liabilities, thereby making these trips possible with a simple tap on the phone. For Ludhiana citizens, there has never been a better time to get bitten by wanderlust.

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