Hiring a DWI Attorney: When, Why, and How

When Q said to James Bond in GoldenEye, “Need I remind you, 007, that you have a licence to kill, not to break the traffic laws”, he delivered home a very valid point: that traffic rules are meant to be followed, and not to be broken. Given that breaking traffic rules is an offense in itself, being charged with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) simply enhances the seriousness of the matter. So much so that if convicted, you risk facing severe consequences.

If you ever find yourself in a situation of DWI in Texas and have no clue about what to do next, seeking expert legal counsel can be the best course of action to protect your rights. This article tells you about why and when you need a DWI attorney to help you out.

Why do you need an attorney for DWI?

If you are of the notion that a charge for DWI in Texas does not carry much value, then think again. A DWI conviction can have expensive repercussions on you in more ways than one. Exorbitant fines, suspension of driving license, loss of driving privilege, court expenses, jail term, loss of employment, impact on reputation, the list of consequences is long and grim. But with an experienced attorney by your side, you stand a better chance to get absolved of the DWI charge or minimize your penalties.

When do you need an attorney for DWI?

When charged with a DWI, seeking legal counsel is not an option, it is a necessity. You definitely need to reach out to a good DWI attorney in Texas if:

  • You have already been charged with DWI before and are facing another DWI now
  • You have caused accident, injured, or killed another human being due to your drunk driving
  • You are not aware of your rights
  • You do not know about the DWI laws in your state

How can an attorney for DWI help you?

An attorney with a track record of successfully handling DWI cases can make all the difference between winning and losing your case. An experienced attorney is well-versed with the legal procedures and the laws. He/She can defend you against false charges or minimize your penalties if you are proven guilty. Trying to wriggle your way out of a DWI case without the help of an expert attorney is almost an impossible task. When your freedom, job, and privileges are at stake, the expertise of an attorney is where you should place your trust and make your move.

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