How to Relocate with Dogs

If you think moving house is stressful, imagine how it must be for your dog? Canines are very territorial and they have a sense of belonging when everything is in its place, and they do know when something is amiss. The territory that your dog has faithfully patrolled and protected is very much a part of his life, and we can only guess his thoughts as large boxes are carried out of the house and the furniture magically disappears. One can never assume that the dog knows what relocation is, and he might be thinking you are leaving him there, all alone. If you are anticipating a move in the near future, here are some tips to make the process less stressful for the family dog.

Pack Gradually

Rather than having a huge team of guys come marching in and clear the house within minutes, start to pack away small things into boxes, and let your dog get used to the idea of things being moved around. Make sure the dog gets lots of exercise, and you might like to ramp that up a week or so before the move, as a tired dog is much less interested in anything. There are removal companies that are very pet friendly, and will help in any way they can. One such company can be found at, where you can easily source a quality local removal company, no matter where you are in the UK.

The Relocation Process

If the dog is familiar with car travel, you won’t have a problem, and if the journey is a long one, regular stops are essential, and make sure the dog gets adequate hydration. If your pet is surrounded by family, he won’t be too worried where he is going, as long as his family is there too. Prior to departure, it might be an idea to put his bed and a few toys in the right location at the new home, and when he finally arrives, he’ll be too busy exploring his new surroundings to be bothered.

Back Garden Fencing

Your dog will not be familiar with the area and you don’t want him running off and getting lost, so make sure there is suitable fencing in the garden where he can play and run around. If he is used to a dog flap, have this attended to prior to the dog’s arrival, and if you have never used one, a new abode is the ideal time to introduce him to one.


Some dogs take relocation in their stride, and as long as family members are at hand, most are fine with the moving experience, but others need some reassurance, and with lots of affection from all the family, your pet will soon calm down and relax. We must never forget that a canine does not possess all of our abilities, and what might seem like a straightforward move to us, could be the end of the world for a dog. Planning the move and making sure the family are around will help the dog to relax, and with his new home only a short distance away, he’ll soon be making friends with a new set of neighborhood dogs.

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