Is Winstrol Illegal to Buy in the USA, Canada or Australia

Around the world and in US there is very less information about the legality to Winstrol. There is information on Internet that it is illegal. But mean time there are sites which claim that they sell legal Winstrol injections and pills in their site.

Winstrol contains a chemical active ingredient called Stanozolol. This ingredient has got approval for humans use. There is a rule that this ingredient can be used only for medical intentions. In Australia, Canada and in US any other use of this ingredient is strictly banned.

The reason behind this was many cases reported in these countries where sports persons and bodybuilders were abusing this drug. The misuse has resulted in adverse side effects in majority of the users. It has the capability to increase the performance of sports persons and bodybuilders.

The IAAF also prohibited Winstrol, but In Australia, Canada and in US there are many alternatives available which can be easily purchased and used.

Competitive Athletes and Winstrol Use

Winstrol can increase the performance of sports persons who are into sports like field events and track events. It can be really helpful to them because they require strength and speed which are easily achieved by Winstrol.  But majority of the sporting organizations in Canada, US and in Australia have already banned the use of Winstrol.

This drug is not allowed in horse racing as well. The reason behind this was in some event it was reported that horses were given Winstrol to increase their performance. Along with this many sporting persons were also caught using Winstrol. Among them some are suspended and other banned from their sports totally.

How to detect Winstrol in the Body?

Compared to any other anabolic steroids, this one is easily detected in the body. If the individual has taken just one dose of 10 mg, even after 10 days if they test him it can be detected in his urine. If the individual has used injection form then even after longer period it will be there in the body and can be detected easily. This is the reason many users have been caught using this drug.

Prominent Legal Cases

Baseball player Rafael palmeiro got suspended for ten days from a major leage since he caught using Stanozolol. Other player Barry Bonds was caught many times because he was using various performance enhancers. Few times he caught using Winstrol as well.

Silver Medal winner Olimpiada Ivanova who is into speedwalk got banned for 2 years when she caught using Stanozolol. In June 2003 an Ukrainian player called Liudnyla Blonska banned for 2 years after using Stanozolol.

A mixed martial artist called Kirill Sidelnikov was tested positive for Stanozolol. He got suspended for a year and finned with $2500. Chris Leben one more martial artist also suspended for the same reason.

When we consider world soccer there are many players who got caught using Stanozolol. To name Salvador Carmona and Magnus Hedman who are European football players. When it comes to rugby, many of the Australians and Siuth Africans players are tested positive for this drug.


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