Material Handling Solutions: How to Improve Your Operations

If you are seeking equipment to handle your packaging and shipping operations, then you can choose from a number of equipment designs. Equipment can be used that includes pallet trucks, sack trucks, and trolleys. You can also use a company that provides this type of equipment for product sourcing assistance as well.

Product Sourcing for Your Business

For example, companies such as SHS Handling Solutions provide product sourcing so that businesses can find just the right items for their needs. All you need to do is call the sales area to obtain this type of information and service. You can also source products online and choose from a large number of on-trend items to enhance your workplace operation.

In addition, companies such as SHS Handling Solutions enable you to take advantage of on-site servicing at your worksite. Qualified engineers are available who can service pallet trucks, powered stair climbers, hand trucks, or lifters.

Choosing the Right Size Pallet Truck

Many times, companies that are involved in material handling are unsure about what size of pallet truck to use. As this is one of the most commonly used types of equipment, it is important to know this type of information. Pallet trucks are used to transport boxes and products to distribution areas from loading bays.

The trucks are also used to keep material handling operations streamlined and flowing. Therefore, getting the right pallet truck enables a business to run well overall. That is why the selection of the right size is crucial to the success of any material handling operation. You can learn more about this type of equipment by exploring the product offerings at

Standard UK Size Pallet Trucks

In the UK, most of the items that go through a distribution centre or warehouse necessitate the use of pallet trucks that are standard UK size. This size is 1000mm x 1200mm. The hand pallet trucks that are used measure 680mm x 1000mm and are therefore configured to manage a large number of pallets.

If you compare UK pallet trucks with Euro pallet trucks, you will only notice a slight difference in size. The smaller sized for-to-fork width of the Euro truck is 540mm, compared to 680mm for the smaller UK truck. However, the length of 1000mm remains the same for Euro type pallet trucks. However, you can obtain the Euro-sized trucks in longer configurations, depending on your particular needs.

Small Pallet Truck Sizes

Some pallet trucks are used in the printing and publishing trades. Whilst these trucks are rarely seen in traditional material handling sites, they do have their use in publishing warehouses. The fork-to-for width of these types of trucks is very small at 450mm across. However, the standard fork length is still 1000mm.

If you know the standard sizes of pallet trucks that are frequently used in material handling, you can more easily incorporate them into your workplace. Review the types of products that you are handling to make sure that you have the right amount of equipment in your inventory. Each piece of equipment is designed so that distribution and shipping is done with more efficiency and speed.

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