You may not recognize his name, but you’re sure to know who George Zimmer is when you see a photograph of him. The 66-year-old is the founder of the Men’s Wearhouse clothing chain and was featured in the company’s commercials for years. Although he hasn’t been the face of the company for years, Zimmer recently made headlines for speaking out in favor of the legalization of marijuana.


No Stranger to Controversy

George Zimmer was something of a controversial figure back in 2013 when he was fired and publicly criticized by the Board of Directors of Men’s Wearhouse. Representatives of the company said that Zimmer refused to acknowledge the fact that the corporation was no longer under his sole control because it was being publicly traded. Throughout the ordeal, Zimmer kept a low profile and disappeared from the news for awhile, but he didn’t sit idly by. Since then, he has founded two companies: Generation Tux, an online tuxedo rental service, and zTailors, an at-home tailoring service.

A Bold Declaration

Back in September of this year, George Zimmer revealed in an interview that he has been using marijuana since he was 16 years old. During the CNBC interview, he said that he was a regular user, saying that it helped him to relax. He pointed to his success as proof that marijuana doesn’t prevent a person from achieving great things and said he has never experienced health problems from using the drug. You may also see VaporPlants for more information.

In addition, Zimmer said that lawmakers are out of touch with the American people, most of whom he believes are either for marijuana legalization or have no opinion on the matter. Zimmer believes so strongly in the legalization of pot that he was the keynote speaker at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in September of 2015.

Other Top Executives Who are Pro Pot

George Zimmer isn’t the only entrepreneur and executive who has admitted to using marijuana. Other self-admitted recreational marijuana users include:

  • Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which includes Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile
  • John Mackey, the Chief Executive Officer of Whole Foods
  • Peter Lewis, the former Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Insurance
  • George Soros, a philanthropist and well-known billionaire business magnate

Those who share George Zimmer’s belief that marijuana should be made legal nationwide commend his willingness to speak publicly in favor of cannabis. The more that high profile, successful people admit to using marijuana, the more likely it is that perceptions regarding cannabis usage will change. This is sure to have a positive impact on the legalization movement, which is gaining more and more momentum every year.

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