Reasons To Use Make-up

ake-up is a positive and negative depending on how you use it, over-using to cover up insecurities or to look like someone else is negative but using it to take care yourself and to bring out your own natural beauty is positive. Make-up reflects who you are and in reality women tend, to not want a bare-face, some cannot go out the door without it on and others will only be seen with it on special occasions.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t wear make-up however we should use it for the right reasons.

Reasons To Wear Make-up:

#Worn in the winter months it will be a barrier to prevent loss of moisture.

#Worn in the Summer there are products which will give protection against UV containing SPF

#It highlights good features and masks imperfections

#To help improve features such as the eyes or lips

#To add a pop of colour

#Different colours and styles can complement your outfit

#For special occasions, something a little out of the ordinary.

Concerns About Make-up

#If you can’t live without it

#If you feel ugly without it

#If you wear it to impress others

#Trying to look like someone else

#Thick & Fake

#If you sleep with it

#You look completely different when  you put it on and take it off

#Overly Addicted

How To Handle Make-up In The Right Way!

#Wear it to improve your natural beauty

#It’s a way to take care of yourself

#Never over do it

#It should still look like you when you take it off

#Washed off at the end of the day before you sleep

#No need to have to apply everyday, let your skin breathe sometimes and treat it with a luxury natural face mask to pull out impurities

#Wear a BB creme as it hydrates, conceals and perfects with added SPF 20 on your more natural days. It is so light and moisturizing.

#Try natural make-up as much as possible to avoid mega toxins in cheap or top brands, unfortunately too much is bad and can cause bad skin or wrinkles.

#Take care of your skin if your going to use make-up on a daily basis by doing a daily regimen with excellent skin products as it can take a toll on your skin and create unnecessary lines.

# Add Mineral make-up to your collection, it is a very good option.

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