Six Tips for Hiring Marquees for Outdoor Events

There are dozens of details that need to be finalised when planning an outdoor event. One of them involves setting up outdoor shelters for performers and attendees if the weather becomes windy or it starts to rain. To set up temporary shelters, you need to find a company that rents marquees by using these tips.

Determine Marquee Needs

Before you can hire a marquee, you need to figure out exactly what is needed. If your main concern is providing shelter in case it rains, you can hire large marquees with walls that have openings on both ends to allow air to create a breeze if it isn’t raining. If the wind starts to blow hard or it starts to rain, the openings can be covered to protect everyone and everything inside.

How Many Attendees?

To order a marquee large enough to hold participants, attendees, and equipment, you need to guesstimate how many people you need to fit inside of each one. You may wish to order one for each end of the event and one or two for locations in the middle to fit people if the weather turns bad. A company that specialises in marquee hire in Melbourne can help you calculate the size of marquees that you need.

Where Is it Going?

When arranging for the marquees to be set up, you need to make sure that the ground is flat or order flooring for it. Marquees can be put on sloped or uneven ground but they need specialised flooring to help make it level. Also, make sure that there is plenty of space for the marquee and the immediate area surrounding it according to the size that you’ve ordered.

Will it Need Power?

You will also need to consider what the marquee will house, no matter the weather. If there are going to be product demonstrators, entertainers, or caterers, then you may want to hire marquees that are powered and have lights. If the event will close after the sun sets, then all your marquees may need to be lit so that people can enjoy what is happening inside each marquee.

Don’t Forget Furnishings

Although most entertainers and exhibitors will have their own setups, you don’t want to forget to hire tables, chairs, a stage, and other furnishings that may be needed. Many companies that provide marquee hires also do party hires so you may be able to arrange packages that include everything that’s needed. Speak to the marquee company about your needs and ask about putting together packages to save on costs.

Include Emergency Marquee

Every event should have a place to go to get medical care in case of scrapes, sunburns, or accidents on site. Hire an appropriate marquee to use as a medical centre on the event grounds where people can rest in the shade or get help with minor medical emergencies. Depending on the type of event, this could keep it from turning disastrous.

Use these tips to hire the right marquees for your outdoor event so that everyone can enjoy himself or herself, no matter the weather.

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