The Advantages of Hiring an RV Over Staying in a Hotel

There are numerous advantages to hiring an RV over staying in a hotel, getting out on the open road to visit historical sites or just parking beside the beach to enjoy the sunset is why renting an RV is so popular amongst travellers. You’ve got some much more freedom in comparison to staying in a hotel, you can pick and choose where you want to sleep and visit each day.

A Change from the Norm

Most of us have stayed in a hotel, bed & breakfast, or guesthouse, there isn’t much difference between them, they all provide most of the same services and experience. But, staying in an RV is a break from the norm, it is totally different to anything you’ve ever experienced before, and it is a great alternative to staying in a hotel. Renting an RV gives you a greater degree of freedom, you’re not appointed a room to stay in for the duration of your trip, you’ve the option of erecting a tent and sleeping outdoors in an enchanted forest or parking your RV up beside a spectacular mountain view and spending the night.

A Taste of Home

Some RV rentals on the market at the moment are designed to an incredibly high standard, incorporating several amenities you wouldn’t even find at home. They are created with luxury in mind and make for a comfortable, memorable trip. If you plan on setting off from a city such as Brisbane, you may come across some recognisable companies who offer affordable camper rentals and rental cars at reasonable prices. It is beneficial to stop over and have a look at their collection of RV’s, they may have some luxury vehicles in store which are available to rent immediately. Some RV’s include amenities such as:

  • Cooker
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Additional leg room
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Large beds

Save Money

Taking an RV holiday means you won’t have to eat out every night in a restaurant, which will save you a considerable amount of money. It also allows you to cook in the RV, a task that can be shared by all the family. Preparing a meal together is a great way of improving your bond with your family or partner, it requires time, effort and careful consideration, just like any relationship. If you miss some of your favourite dishes from home, it is easy to gather some local ingredients and cook a delicious meal in the comfort of your RV rental. Although most hotels include breakfast, it is usually just the same old options every morning, they rarely differ, and you get tired of eating the same food.

There are several advantages to choosing an RV holiday over staying in a hotel. Some of the benefits mentioned above are only a select few of the many reasons to consider staying in a camper van instead of a regular, standardized hotel room. You’ve a lot more freedom, and the chance to be far more spontaneous.

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