The Landlord Software to Collect Rent Online

As a landlord you want the best possible tenant living in your rental. Adam had renters in the past but he had little luck on gauging a successful renter. He was wondering which questions he should be asking during the screening process in order to weed out undesirable applicants and find a good long-term tenant.

The ideal tenant has:

  • 3x monthly income
  • Clean eviction and back ground report
  • Good credit score
  • Positive reference checks
  • Steady employment history

To save Adam time and energy he provided the applicants the leasing criteria upfront. He addressed parking, noise and payment terms to determine if they were a good fit for the property. By using this criteria Adam was able to make an informed decision about the applicants and find a good tenant.

Adam conducted a full tenant screening and researched credit and background check options. He knew he was going to have little time to follow up with payment and wanted to plan for the best way to collect rent on time.

In the past, Adam had issues collecting rent from tenants who always had excuses or could not be reached. While researching different options online, Adam discovered Schedule My Rent. He was thrilled and reassured to find an online landlord software that would make his job easier and collect rent online. He was happy to find that the software was also easy to use for both him and the tenants.

Adam received positive feedback from his new tenant who thanked him for using Schedule My Rent because she did not have the time to be concerned with rent payments also.  Schedule My Rent was a win win for both sides!

Adam used Schedule My Rent to help in the following areas:

  • Remind his tenant every time a payment is due
  • Collect rent from the tenant’s bank account
  • Send rent to his bank account
  • Manage late rent, check returns, and fees
  • Keep updated every step of the way with email summaries and the best dashboard in the industry
  1. Adam focuses on empowering other landlords and sharing industry best practices with the Albuquerque community. He continues to communicate the importance and ease of Schedule My Rent to friends and family who own property and reminds them of the time-saving benefits. “I feel I have the best rental process down partnered with Schedule My Rent,” said Adam.

Imagine if collecting rent was that easy? Well it can be for you with Schedule My Rent. Call 844-465-3339 or email [email protected] to learn more about Schedule My Rent and how to get set up today!

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