Vaping: It’s Time for the US to Adopt the UK’s Policy

It’s 2019. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that smoking tobacco kills one in every two people. Fifty years ago, there were several cases made showing that smoking isn’t bad. There simply wasn’t enough data. However nowadays, the evidence is ironclad. And yet, even though we’ve had this news about how smoking kills, people have continued to light up. This isn’t shocking though because of the addictive nature of nicotine. What is shocking, however, is how almost all governments around the world have not banned cigarette sales.

A Brief History

Governments around the world have put various measures into place in order to limit the sales of cigarettes. This includes tax hikes throughout the years and special packaging on the cigarette labels. However, there has never been an outright ban. If we know that smoking kills, this begs the question: why not just ban them altogether?

Many people point to the “freedom of choice” argument. No one wants Big Government coming in and shutting down anything that isn’t deemed illegal. The logic is: if the government starts with cigarettes, where does it end? Yet, this isn’t really the reason behind governments not banning tobacco as there are several ways around this argument. So, what else could it be?

Most people don’t know that a few hundred years ago, the tobacco crop was the driving force behind America’s economic growth. It is for this reason why it’s so difficult to ban cigarettes nowadays. Additionally, out of this economic growth came the Big Tobacco lobby. This group of corporations control many people in high powered positions in governments. As such, shutting down tobacco sales is almost an impossible feat…until now.

Disrupting One of the Oldest Markets

Who would have thought that the tobacco industry would see a disruption in their industry? How do people go about revolutionizing an industry that’s built on a crop? Welcome to the world of vaping.

If you don’t know by now, vaping, otherwise known as electronic cigarettes, uses a battery and a cartridge that is filled with e-liquid and nicotine. It is designed to mimic a tobacco cigarette, minus the added 7,000 chemicals and tar. While websites technically cannot make the claim that e-cigarettes are healthier, many non-profit groups such as Cancer Research UK have come out to say just that.

So Why Aren’t Governments Jumping On Board?

As mentioned above, governments are very hesitant to jump on the vaping bandwagon. They still receive an incredible amount of tax revenue from tobacco sales. Furthermore, the Big Tobacco lobby has shown to be a powerful force. This is especially true in America. However, the good news is that other countries don’t have a large Big Tobacco lobby. As such, we are hearing a completely different tune. This is especially true in the UK, who are likely the most vape friendly country in the world.

Public Health England, the health arm of the UK government, has come out in support of e-cigarettes. In fact, they publicly advocate for people to make the switch to e-cigarettes. We also see a dozen other non-biased health groups support e-cigs in the UK. This is why companies like V2 Cigs has experienced massive growth, while similar companies in the US flounder.

It’s a shame because e-cigarettes can in fact save lives. The FDA and the rest of the corrupt interest groups need to get their act together in an effort to truly improve the state of public health. If not, the corruption will just get worse and worse, and more people will continue to die. America should really take a lesson from the UK with regards to vaping.

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