Virility Amelioration

Low sperm count and watery semen are generally observed in the case of over-masturbation for sexual pleasure. Testosterone, nitric oxide, serotonin, and dopamine are some of the neurotransmitters that are essential to keep the drive for intercourse stay alive. For each ejaculation, a smaller quantity of these chemical substances is lost. During over-masturbation sperm-producing testosterone, hormones are lost at a greater content, resulting in reduced sperm count followed by watery semen. Semen appearance will be a watery ejaculation due to increase in alkaline liquid production from the prostrate gland. The sperms in this watery serum won’t be healthy enough to travel to fallopian tubes of the ovaries and penetrate into ovum for the fertilisation to happen.

Smoking; physiological features such as stress, mental disturbances, obesity, drug abuse, dehydration, excessive intake of canned and sulphur-containing foods such as legumes, grains, nuts, and garlic; fructose deficiency; and too much of masturbation are the reasons of Low sperm count and occurrence of watery textured serum. If not recognised at the early stages and when necessary treatment is not offered, it might even lead to losing of fertility.

There are certain home or natural remedies that can be followed to cure the watery semen at the initial stages:

Diet is one of the major factors that can cause a thin semen because of the lack of essential nutrients. Diet with all the necessary nutrients and protein-rich foods should be included. High quantities of protein are known to elevate the thickness of the semen by maintaining a healthy sperm count. Intaking foods such as garlic, asparagus, and banana that are aphrodisiac in nature.

Maintaining a regular diet and healthy exercise.

Consuming foods rich in vitamin E and Selenium.

Controlling stress levels and having a sound sleep.

Avoiding unnecessary use of any kind of chemical substances in daily routine.

The consistency and thickness of semen also depend on the way of ejaculation. Normally it takes few months for the sperm to get matured inside the testicles. Because of excessive ejaculation, there will not be sufficient time for sperm maturations, and so the count of sperms decrease, lowering the thickness of the semen.

Zinc and folic acid supplements together help in improving the sperm cell count. General sexual health is controlled by the central nervous system, and usage of steroids might harm physical and sexual health sometimes. So, it is advised to try out natural remedies, and if they don’t seem to work out, then it is needed to follow a medical practitioner’s advice.

In some extreme conditions, when home remedies don’t seem to work and when thin semen can almost lead to infertility, Cloudnine Fertility offers hormonal treatments and surgeries as suggested by experienced doctors. Sperm retrieval techniques are employed to retrieve sperms from testicles. Any infections causing the decreased sperm count can be tackled by using antibiotics, but they may not always result in fertility restoration. Assisted reproductive technology involves surgical extraction of sperms and inserting them into female reproductive organs to support in vitro fertilisation. When none of the techniques works, it is better to opt for a sperm from a donor.

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