Hyundai has been hinting of launching a small crossover, since the hint was dropped about two years back by CEO Dave Zuchowski of Hyundai Motor America and a hint that has been the talk in automobile circles all these last couple of years.

Whilst Hyundai has been busying keeping their market share intact within the United States and the world over it has been silently planning for the introduction of this small crossover and a few spy shots have emerged but whether this is the real thing to be launched is anybody’s guess.

A peep into what is coming

The car is going to be small and compact and that is for sure. It is also known that it would be a direct competitor to the Nissan Juke if we are to go what the CEO of Hyundai Motor America has said and that too reading between the lines.

The name it would be christened with is still a closely guarded secret but it would be in keeping with the modern way of life as it would be targeting the new breed of car drivers, the young and forward thinking.

The styling would be distinctly for the younger “Yippee” crowd and most probably not for the older generation but those older folks who would like to advertise their youthfulness would always be welcomed by Hyundai to take a spin around the neighborhood.

What it could be!

The few spy shots smuggled out shows that it is definitely not a beast but with a small engine capacity with very high fuel efficiency and could be in the 1.0 to 1.3-liter category and packing a 3-cylinder turbo.

It could either be closely identified with the i20 hatchback or be a completely new design to keep up with the times anyway whatever is coming out of production is quite hazy.

The possibility is there that it would be brought out with some new strikingly elegant colors which has been the hallmark of Hyundai when it came to its other compact models launched over the previous years.

Whether it would be with FWD or AWD options is anybody’s guess but it is presumed by many that it would be a looker as well as a good performer on the road with Hyundai having all the information they need as to what this niche market that they are trying to enter really need in a small compact SUV type automobile.

When to see!

The Geneva Auto Show in March this year may be a bit optimistic for car enthusiasts to expect it out to touch and feel this much looked forward to innovation from one of the most popular makes of automobiles in the world.

It is definitely coming and the big question would be when and where? Hyundai has always brought out new innovations in flamboyant style and without doubt this too would be on the same lines and could take the small car niche market by storm and bring other auto makers to rise and take notice.  This Hyundia Car article was brought to you us by the leaders in Car warranty insurance in UKhttps://www.click4warranty.co.uk . Click4warranty delivers excellent car warranty insurance options for men and woman the UK and abroad. If you need more information on Car warranty options you may want to have a look at their excellent options.


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