What Questions to Avoid When you Meet a Guy First Time – 5 Important Questions

Being girl you might want that the first time you meet a guy must be memorable and you would strive for it. You would like to leave an ever lasting impression on the guy so that he may feel you are perfect for him. However, this has not been so easy but it is not impossible either. You are required to keep your nerves and take right actions at the right time, especially you must ask right question about life so that you may know the guy perfectly. It turns out that you may ask the guy would you rather questions but it is not recommended because you cannot just ask such questions right in the first meeting. Therefore you are required to have eagerness for learning tips from tag questions so that you are perfectly asking right questions at the right time. Below are the questions that you must avoid when you meet the guy for the first time.

  1. What do you think of my personality? Am I attractive?

Your first impression on the guy you like is important however you just cannot let yourself in a condition that won’t last your impression on him. Therefore, you are strongly recommended not to ask him any questions regarding your personality. You must not dare to ask the guy to admire you of your beauty or may give you good comments of your appearance.

  1. Don’t ask about weaknesses and strengths?

It is a matter of fact that each person has some strengths and weaknesses. Therefore you must not ask the guy you like about his weaknesses or strengths in the very first meeting. This may give him an idea that you are taking his interview and want to know about his inner self in a very short time. Therefore avoid asking such questions.

  1. Do you go to gym?

Physical fitness is no doubt an important factor in life, however it is totally unfair to ask in the guy you like in the first meeting. This is because physical fitness is somehow personal and you cannot ask personal questions in the first meeting. Therefore, you must avoid questions such as whether you go on walk, playing sports, and going to gym etc.

  1. Will you take a couple selfie with me?

You are also not required to get possessive with the guy in the first meeting and ask him questions like can we take a selfie like couples do? This is because the guy may think you are tangling him in your possessiveness. Therefore, you are only allowed to go for such acts after you both know each other well.

  1. Do you have girlfriends in past life or you ever cheated?

No doubt, it is your right to know about the past life of the guy you like but asking such questions in first meeting would not show you a sensible person. Therefore, you should try to know about the past girlfriends and cheating after you guys know each other well.

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