Why I Choose To Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is not seen in the same way as it used to be and we live in a world which is far more accepting of body augmentation and corrections. Whilst there is still a stigma attached to these kind of treatments in some areas, it is by no means the strange and weird procedure that so many of us thought that it was during the 80s and 90s when we judged celebs for having lipo, nose jobs or breast implants.

The only thing that does worry me a little about this topic is that young girls in particular, are electing to have this kind of surgery on a whim, without really thinking it through. I had some laser liposuction on my thighs recently at the fabulous Sono Bello clinic, check out the Sono Bello reviews for more information, and I wanted to talk about my thinking behind the treatment that I had.

End of the Line

I have never been in very good shape and when I hit 40 last year, I was determined that I would not spend the rest of my life overweight. I worked very hard for just over 6 months to get my body in shape but I just couldn’t get rid of the fatty tissue on my thighs. The treatment to have this fat removed was the last chance for me after months of trying to get rid of it in a natural way.

Low Cost

I was very surprised when I learned the cost of the treatment which I was having done, it was extremely reasonable and far lower than I had previously thought. I think that these low prices exist because there is so much competition in this field and it is so accessible to so many people. The low price was definitely a critical factor in my decision making process.


I wasn’t sure about whether or not to have this treatment done and so I spoke to the doctor at the clinic to ask his advice. What I loved about this meeting is that the doc was not out to make money and crowbar me into a decision, instead he discussed all aspects of the treatment and the aftermath and allowed me to make my own choice. Having trust in the person carrying out the procedure is a hugely important factor in your decision.


I feel very secure in my own skin, I am not out to impress anyone and I am not trying to be someone who I am not. Instead, I opted for this treatment because I wanted to feel better about my thighs and I wanted to look better for my husband, after putting up with me as overweight for all these years, I felt I owed him this. I believe that I did this for exactly the right reasons.

If you are thinking about having cosmetic treatments, think about why you want to do it before you dive in.

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