Why Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Smoking or combusting of plant materials is harmful according many doctors and scientific studies. However, you are already in the act and a few of your doctors are your smoking mates. Now you wonder how you would shift from the habit and still have something to do that will replace the smoking act? Whether you are using a device specifically made to burn herbs, using rolling papers, or another combustion device, the fact of the matter is that you are still burning materials and inhaling them into your lungs. There are many basic and advanced benefits that you will attract with using vaporizers than you ever imagined.

Keeps you Healthy

When smoking direct cigarette is associated with attracting chronic conditions and lung cancer, this is not the case for vapes. Smoking burns down the entire herb and reduces it to ash, which leads towards this variety of health problems. While on the other hand, vaporizing only heats the herb enough to release the chemicals from the plant-matter. A 2010 study of 20 frequent cannabis users showed that the majority of them noticed a significant improvement in their respiratory symptoms.

Convenient, Every Day Use

You don’t have to equip yourself with so much to enjoy vapes. All you need if to have your vaporizer (and charger if need be) and you are set to go. When you are travelling, you don’t have to think of packing lighters, cases for glass, or other accessories for your journey. Vaporizers don’t require all these. All you need is to pack the chamber and you are good for a cool button press as you enjoy the day. Once you are done vaporizing your herb, cleaning is simple and easy. First you empty the remaining parts of the herb in a garbage bin, then scrape your container with scraper plus few light taps and you are set for another long round of non-harmful inhalation.

It’s also weather friendly. This is something you should not take for granted as a smoker. If you have ever tried to smoke on a mountain or during slight breeze, you would understand the benefits of having a weather friendly piece. Between wet and windy conditions, is at times impossible or difficult to light anything. At times, this prevents you from reaping the benefits of inhalation of herb. However, using a vaporizer, all these are stories of the past to you since you don’t have to light anything that will fight with the conditions of weather.

Improved Flavours

When you burn down your herb and reduce it to ashes, and although it does release the chemical compounds, it also releases toxins and carcinogens. Additionally, the taste of ash is one of the worst that many frequent smokers will attest, as nearing the end of a session, it can provide distasteful flavours in the mouth that require a drink afterwards. However, using a vaporizer will prevent any of these nasty flavours from entering your mouth, throat and lungs. Shift today to the utilization of a dry herb vaporizer and enjoy sweet flavours, health benefits, and convenience factors.

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