Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Website Headshot

If a photographer friend has promised to take headshots for your website for free, you may want to first hold off the offer. Any web designer worth his title is quick to advise against getting a friend or an amateur to take your corporate headshot to go on the website. You should insist on professional Denver photographers and below are a few reasons why.

You Are the Brand

If you know anything about business, you know that customers buy from an individual and not the business per se. It is all well and good that you have a great logo and a professional website to match but you still need to develop your personal brand to connect with customers. A professional headshot is sure to capture your audience’s attention. At the end of the day, web users want to interact or feel like they are interacting with real people and not robots. A professional headshot is exactly what you need to put a human face to your business, product and services.

Photogenic Not a Requirement

Age is a ruthless partner but it doesn’t have to be this way. An amateur photographer can make you look older and highlight blemishes and flaws that you didn’t even know exist. It is true that some people are better looking in person and not particularly photogenic. Rather than risking presenting the wrong image, a professional photographer can do wonders for your appearance. These experts have expensive lenses and know how to work with angles and lighting to make you look great.

Exude Authority

This point applies doubly if you are in a ‘serious’ profession such as law or medicine. An amateur photo can make you look unprofessional and cost you valuable clients. The harsh truth is appearances do matter. If your line of business requires you to be an authority on the subject, Kelly Weaver Photography can help you project the right image.

Build Trust

The way human psychology works is you cannot trust someone you have never seen. Every single person you trust in your life has a face and a name. A professional headshot is necessary if you want to build trust with your client. An amateur photograph can very easily make you look lackluster or aloof. Few people would want to hand over their hard earned money to such a person. Denver photographers can help you project a professional and trustworthy image.

These are just some of the reasons you should hire professional photographers for your website headshots. The great part is you can use the same headshot for your online presence across a social media and professional networks.

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