4 Tips On How to Find The Top Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are popular among pizza lovers for a few reasons. They can absorb moisture, create crisp crusts and they bring out the aroma of most ingredients. Unfortunately, they are also more difficult to clean and the cheaper ones tend to crack and break after prolonged use.

Fortunately, finding high quality pizza stones is not as hard as many people think. So if you’re looking for the top pizza stone in the market then here’s what you need to know.

Shape and Weight Distribution

High quality pizza stones usually have shapes which are compatible with all types of pizzas and ovens. Some pizza stones are designed for specific types of ovens, and these can be quite difficult to work with.

You should also pay attention to a pizza stone’s weight. A good stone has an evenly distributed weight , which allows people to carry them around more easily.


One of the biggest problems with pizza stones is preheating. The entire process is more difficult because stone and ceramic materials more resistant to heat, which means added work for those who use them. So if you’re going to buy a pizza stone, look for one that doesn’t require extended preheating.

One way to go about this is to ask for a live demonstration. It’s easy to find an item that advertises itself as having “high quality materials” but the actual quality will depend on how well it performs in an actual oven. As a general rule, the easier it is to preheat a pizza stone, the better its quality.


Pizza stones are difficult to clean, mainly because of their surface and the fact that stone is generally more difficult to clean than other types of materials. So if you’re going to buy a pizza stone, choose one that can be easily cleaned by sponges and detergents.

Additionally, you should also look for a pizza stone that won’t absorb dirt and soap during washing. Although pizza stones are supposed to absorb moisture, low quality stones may also sometimes absorb dirty soap water. So try to look for one that doesn’t have this problem.


Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that pizza stones are quite fragile. After prolonged exposure to extreme heat, they tend to crack or break. This is particularly true for pizza stones which are barely different from floor tiles. These types of stones cannot withstand intense amounts of heat, and despite their glazed appearance, they may not be as tough as they appear.

Remember that although stone and ceramic materials can withstand high levels of heat, they aren’t designed for oven-level temperatures either. The top pizza stones were built with this issue in mind. They are designed to withstand oven-levels of temperature.

The best way to judge a particular pizza stone’s durability is to ask for its heart resistant properties (this refers to the temperature at which they begin to melt) as well as their thermal shock resistance. The higher these values are, the better. Think about these reminders carefully and you should be able to find the best stone in no time.

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