The Art of Great Pizza

Pizza! The most sort after delicacy in the whole world. To some people, making pizza is a year-round activity that they can’t avoid. They have to make sure that your order is delivered on time and in the best possible way. However, mastering the fine art of baking a perfect pizza is a hot debate. The only way you can become a master of the game is knowing and perfecting the art of great pizza. Typically, the art of making pizza can be as straightforward or as complicated as you would like it to be. Here are some incredible tips to help you understand the art of great pizza like the one you always enjoy in this Montreal pizza restaurant.

The Dough

The quality of your pizza will greatly depend on your dough. The key to having great pizza is letting your dough rest for at least 20 minutes after combining the ingredients. The reason why you should give your dough rest is to allow the gluten to develop fully. Although the extra 20 minutes may seem like an extra step, it will make your dough easier to work with and your crust more delicious. You should also make an excellent dough ball by pressing it with your knuckles. Be sure to get off your rings before you start.

The Metric System and the Baker’s Percentages

If you wish to perfect your skills and up your pizza game, you must learn the ways of professional bakers. The baker’s percentages and the metric system is one thing that you must learn to use. Every ingredient that goes into your pizza is represented as a proportion of the flour in the recipe. The metric system allows you to scale your recipe up and down freely and efficiently.

The Heat

If you are used to cooking your foods at around 170 degrees, then you have to understand that pizza is different and you will need to bake it at about 200 degrees if you are adding ingredients that usually require thorough cooking such as meat and vegetables. Alternatively, you can pre-cook your ingredients before placing them on the pizza. The quick cooking is meant to give it the dry and crispy texture that we all love.

The Experience

Lastly, you need to keep in mind that everything is learned through experience. You can only perfect your art of great pizza through experience. Go beyond the basics and try something unique that will give you different results and see if you like the end product. Make pizza the right way, and customers will reward you with endless re-orders.

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