A Guide To Choosing The Right House Removalist

Anyone who has moved house before, knows what a nightmare it can become. What looked like a simple thing to do, becomes more and more complicated, and as things unravel, so tempers flare and things go even further downhill. The biggest mistake that most people make is in underestimating how much stuff they actually have and how complicated everything is going to be. At first glance, we look at the beds, sofas, TV, fridge, washing machine and other bulky items. It doesn’t seem too bad. The myriad smaller pieces though are the ones that tend to be far more time consuming and unless properly organised can create further nightmares when you are trying to find everything at the other end.

A Friendly and Helpful Attitude

From your first enquiry, a warm, friendly and helpful voice and a willingness to understand and cater to all of your requirements is very reassuring. You are looking for someone who will show the same level of care and attention to your property, especially the fragile stuff, which you would give yourself. You are entrusting all of your possessions to these people, so if they aren’t listening to your needs with the intricate stuff, they probably aren’t the people you want handling your expensive things.

Comprehensive Level of Service

Ask about their packing and labelling service. It can take a surprisingly long time to pack up all the small odds and ends and when they arrive at the new house, finding what has gone where, can make unpacking a nightmare. Good removal companies from Huntingdon to Hull use a professional labelling system, which really simplifies things and saves lots of stress, while helping to ensure that stuff you no longer require doesn’t even travel, to potentially clutter up your new home.

Professionalism and Reliability

If you are working to a precise schedule of moving out, so that someone else can start to move in, you need to ensure you have a very reliable service. Two guys with a van, might look cheap on paper, but if one is off sick, or the van breaks down, you are in serious trouble. Look for a reputable company with a good fleet of vehicles at their disposal, so if there is an issue, they have you covered. It is advisable to ask to see recent customer testimonials, so you can be comfortable that they know how to operate smoothly, regardless of what dramas may unfold.

Find out the Total Price

The house removal industry is pretty competitive, though it is not necessarily the case that the most expensive quote will give you the best service, or that the cheapest quote is one to avoid, though be very wary of quotes significantly lower than the average. What is important however, is to ensure that you have the final quote, including any potential hidden extras, in writing. Those possible hidden costs can ruin your budget and your day.

A quick look in Yellow Pages, or an Internet search, will provide you with a number of potential companies. Follow the advice above in making your selection, and your house move can be made much simpler, leaving you to simply start to enjoy your new home.





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