A Review of the xCoins.io Bitcoins Trading Platform

Introduction to xCoins

Since the Bitcoin (Btc) currency first emerged, it has grown in popularity amid debates of its value as a digital exchange unit. This however has not damped down the enthusiasm of innovative users who have found ways of benefiting from the platform.

Most people have made money with bitcoins by trading them on peer-to-peer exchange websites. By identifying individuals who want to purchase the bitcoins urgently, one can easily make 15% interest above the standard value of the digital currency.

The process has however been a bit complicated since sellers have had to manually vet the buyers to void giving their bitcoins to scammers for free. This has in turn made the process slow, causing buyers to wait for days at times for a regular exchange. The checks and balances that sellers have put in place to secure their bitcoins include pre-sale and post-sale support. These have been used to explain the terms of exchange and to manage transactions that go wrong.

To address these and other similar problems that sellers and buyers face, xCoins created an automated trading system. xCoins is therefore an automated system that offers user verification services and support for pre and post transactions.

This article looks at the system and how it operates.

Main Features

As initially mentioned, the system is completely automated. All that an investor needs to do is to load bitcoins to xCoins, press start, and then wait. It is the system that will verify every user who registers. It also defines pre-sale conditions and offers support after an exchange is done.

Other features made possible by the automation is that an investor needs not communicate with anyone. All he is required to do is set his or her limits, ranges, commissions, ratings, and so on. In addition, one does not need to have any prior experience to operate the system.


One of the key benefits of xCoins is the speed factor. Whenever a buyer logs in seeking to buy bitcoins, there is no need to wait. The Btc are already available. In addition, a buyer can purchase the bitcoins using his or her favorite online payment method.

Another key benefit of the system is the ease of use. First, a buyer arrives at the site looking to buy bitcoins. There he finds bitcoins ready for exchange. This has been made possible by about 200 investors who have already enlisted with xCoins.

After deciding how much he wants to purchase, the buyer makes a payment with credits cards, PayPal, or debit card. Once the system receives a payment notification, it makes a transfer of the bitcoins from the investor’s wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

The costs to the buyers are also relatively low. For starters, the interest fee is a one-time payment, in addition to payment and bank transfer fees. Therefore, it does not depend on the term of the loan. Secondly, prices stay low because investors compete to offer the lowest interest rates.

Except for a few users who have complained about delays in verification, most people say that the system is fast and efficient.

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