What is Income Protection Insurance and Why You Need It

We are all living in an uncertain world and in order to protect oneself against unforeseen circumstances, insurance policies should always be in place. Life insurance covers your family in the worst case scenario, and in the event you are unable to work for any reason, income protection insurance will ensure that you suffer no financial hardship.

Injury or Sickness

Regardless of how healthy a person might be, they could suffer injury or fall ill, and in the event that person is unable to work, income protection insurance will cover the costs according to the policy terms and conditions. Like every insurance policy, income protection is covered by the terms and conditions of the policy, and without the help of an experienced lawyer, it can be difficult to fully understand the lengthy pages of small print. In the event you wish to make an income protection insurance claim, it is strongly advised that you first consult with an experienced legal firm, as they have a wealth of practical experience in such matters.

Making a Claim

If you must stop working due to either illness or injury, you can make a claim on your income protection insurance, and without the help of an experienced lawyer, this can be stressful. When a person is injured or sick, the last thing they need is to worry about how they will pay their bills, and with the right legal representative, the claimant does not have the stresses and strains that are normally associated with claiming on a policy. The lawyer will be able to very quickly determine whether or not your claim is valid, and once they have requested the claim forms from the insurer, all the relevant documentation can be submitted on your behalf. This type of insurance does not involve a lump sum payout, and the claimant will normally receive up to 75% of their gross salary for the duration of the working absence.

No Win No Fee

This service is offered by most legal firms, and should the lawyer feel you have a strong claim, they would be happy to act on your behalf on a “no win-no fee” basis, which means the claimant has absolutely nothing to pay until they receive their award. In the event the claim is unsuccessful, there is nothing to pay, which gives the claimant peace of mind. People are reluctant employ the services of a lawyer, knowing that this can cost a lot of money, and with no guarantee of success, a person might be reluctant to make a claim, even if they qualify.

In the event a person does claim and for one reason or another, are not happy with the outcome, the lawyer can actively pursue the claim, and by using the right legal channels, a review of the case can be carried out. If you have this type of insurance and are unable to work for any reason, all it takes to contact the right legal firm is an online search, and with the help of an experienced lawyer, the claim can be made.

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