A Step by Step Guide to Proposing for Marriage

For some people, proposing isn’t easy. There is always the fear that your loved one might refuse your request for their hand in marriage or that your plans for the proposal wont quite cut it.

We understand your trepidation which is why we’ve prepared this handy guide, leaving you to concentrate on the needs of your significant other.

Do You Really Want to Marry Your Husband or Wife to Be?

This might sound like a daft question considering you’re already at this stage but we have to ask. Marrying for the wrong reasons is a big no-no in our eyes so have a word with yourself and see if you can stand being married to this person for what should be the rest of your life.

If you’re still reading, good. You’ve passed the first test.

Pick the Engagement Ring

Your next step is to get the engagement ring out of the way. You ladies out there can skip to the next step if you wish as we’ve never seen a man wearing an engagement ring.

Find out what type of ring she wants. You will have probably passed a jewellery shop at some point in your relationship where she expressed an opinion or two about some of the rings in the window display. If you were paying attention, this is your chance to score some brownie points.

If not, you will probably have to go for something safe. A diamond in a solitaire setting should do the trick. For the size, either take one of her rings with you or slip a tape measure around her finger when she is sleeping.

Pick the Right Time

Valentine’s day or a birthday always goes down a treat. If you’re one for surprises then consider picking a time or date that has no significant meaning to either of you. We guarantee your partner won’t see it coming.

Pick the Right Location

If your annual holiday to Benidorm or Faliraki is just around the corner, that may well be the perfect time to pop the question. If you’re struggling for ideas but would rather propose from the comfort and familiarity of the UK then consider one of the many proposal packages in London. There are companies out there who will plan every detail of your proposal, leaving you to just remember to turn up.

Make it Special

You’ve seen those movies where someone hires a small plane to fly overhead, a heartfelt message trailing behind them. If you’re on a budget we would probably give that a miss as we can’t imagine aviation fuel or a pilot’s time is cheap.

That proposal company we mentioned earlier could come in handy though as they usually have some great ideas on proposals that your partner may like depending on their tastes. If all else fails, a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant followed by a moonlit stroll through the city can work wonders.

By now you should have the answer to your question. We hope it is the one you wanted so good luck.

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