Do You Need a Bespoke Wedding Suit?

Just like a wedding gown, a wedding suit for a man cannot be rushed; it takes about six weeks to make the suit. Also, when booking a tailor, you’ll need to include how much you want to spend. Normally, suits are priced from $950 to $3,000 or more.

Consider the Colour

Before you schedule a consultation, you need to decide on the type of suit you will wear. For example, you can choose from two-piece or three-piece wedding suits in Sydney. The choice of a colour will depend on the theme of your wedding as well as the season and time of day that you are getting married. For example, a traditional look might feature a navy blue dress suit highlighting a black lapel, while some suits are all white and display three piece designs. A white flat collar suit is another option you may like.

Choosing the Accessories

When it comes to a shirt, you can either wear straight or round peats in a tux-style shirt. Shirts are normally featured in black or white, but you also have to consider some accessories, such as the bow tie. You can pick a silk bow tie in black, white, or navy. Cufflinks should be considered too; some men opt for a black cufflink set whilst others prefer a round cufflink in white.

Creating a Special Look

Needless to say, the construction of a wedding suit is crucial to its creation. Not only does a bespoke suit offer a customised fit, it should also be durable. By combining modern technology with hand-tailoring, a tailor can craft the ideal suit. Because a wedding is such a special occasion, the suit should be special, too.

A Minimalist Approach

When making the selection for a suit, it is important to include the right accessories. However, you do not want to include too many. Often, a man will get excited when he looks at the pocket squares, boutonnieres, and bow ties. As a result, he wants to wear all the items at once. If you want to maintain an elegant look, however, you need to take a minimalist approach.

It Pays to Be Well-prepared

Naturally, the problem with renting a suit or choosing a suit off the rack is allowing time for alterations. Many times, when these types of suits are purchased, the alterations are not made a priority until the last minute. That is why it is imperative that you begin thinking about creating a wedding suit over a month in advance.

The same goes for grooming. If you want to look your best, you should have your hair cut at least a week before the wedding, not just before the big event. That’s because you need to make sure the style is complimentary. You’ll have time to fix any errors with your hair or suit if you plan ahead.

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