Basic Study Tips For The Real Estate License Exam

If you want to plunge into the real estate world, you need to first pass the real estate license exam. If this is your first time taking the test, make it your goal to pass the exam in one go.  On top of a great deal of focus and dedication, you also need some study tips that can help you know the best routes to reach your desired goal.

Create a study schedule.

Time management is of utmost importance, especially for those who are working or studying at the same time. The key is to set a couple of hours a day to study for the exam. Cover various topics and use different learning techniques to absorb your material. You can use some apps to keep you on track with your study schedule. Once you have decided on a specific study period daily, the next step is to stick to it. Have the discipline to study consistently.

Memorize the basics.

There are fundamental real estate facts that will most likely appear on the test. You can get started with the following:

  • Kinds of agent agreements and listings
  • Kinds of agents and licensees
  • Contract elements and types
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Deeds and titles
  • Forms of ownership
  • Types of property conveyance
  • Fair housing rules

Find a Study Buddy.

If you know a friend who’s also preparing for the test, better ask if you can get together once or twice a week to quiz each other and compare notes. Of course, you still have to study by yourself, but trading knowledge with a determined peer can help you stay motivated. If not, you can join a study group or create your own.

Know the lingo.

Make sure to secure a real estate dictionary, and if you have free time throughout the day (like when waiting in a queue or riding a train), take it out and read through the glossary again and again till you familiarize yourself with the important real estate lingo.

Listen and learn.

Download audiobooks and podcasts and listen to them while you’re stuck in traffic or while doing chores. This is one way to immerse yourself better in the real estate industry and get motivated hearing those professionals talk about the arena you want to explore.

Do as many practice real estate exam questions as you can.

The test is a multiple-choice exam, and you can be better prepared if you do as many practice tests as you can. You can access a Real Estate Prep Guide online and gather practice exams that can be great resources to equip you for the big day.

Heed these tips and commit yourself to pulling it off. Don’t take things for granted. Remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you are dead serious about establishing a career in the real estate world, you will do whatever it takes to feel confident during the exam, and the best way to gain confidence is to be well-prepared.

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