Tenant Referencing Data Safeguarding

You would not share your personal & confidential data with strangers however prospective tenants are expected to do just that when applying to rent a property. Often UK landlords will insist on the completion of unsecure application forms in addition to copies of ID, bank statements & even P60s before they will let their property. Considering that this information can be used to clone an individual’s credit file & identity there has to be a safer way to apply to rent a property. APPROVED was created to address this problem & is accepted across the UK & globally by landlords, estate agents & rental professionals. APPROVED allows prospective tenants to apply using a secure application form. The data is then verified by a UK tenant referencing team before the prospective tenant is issued with a unique PIN that enables a potential landlord to view the final result online. Critically, with the advent of GDPR & potential fines for those who do not safeguard personal data, APPROVED is 100% proven to prevent costly breaches as the prospective tenant’s data is never compromised. In addition this is a highly efficient & effective tenant vetting system that protects all parties involved.

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