How to identify Hip Flexor Pain Symptoms

It is very critical and difficult to figure out the hip flexor pain symptoms. It’s like normal back ache but if it persists for more than four days then consider it as a hip flexor pain. Make sure that you perform proper tests before judging the symptoms at home or consider a flexor specialist.

Hip Flexor Pain Symptoms

The person who are going through the hip flexor strained is likely to feel pain on the front side of the hip. You must go to doctor if the pain is still after doing all these steps above. You must not ignore this pain because with the passage of time it will increase. Make sure to understand the symptoms at earlier stage so that the pain will be minimized at the start. There are many symptoms which may leads to know and understanding of hip flexor pain.


Hip flexor Pain Conditions

  • When the thigh is raised feeling worsening of pain on the upper portion of the hip. It’s a symptom of hip flexor strain
  • When you are walking on the street, unable to walk fast and there is a gap in two foot walking’s
  • If one is stretching the muscle, feeling worst kinds of pain
  • Are you touch front side of the hip, tenderness feelings are there always
  • You may also face crucial swelling and bruising and may leads to severe pain and jam the legs
  • When you are lie down, unable to stand or sit instantly, pain on the back
  • Unable to walk properly, unable to sleep straight, unable to bow on the feet
  • When walking feeling high weight of the hip bones
  • You will not be feeling hungry most of the time and vomiting is also the common factor
  • You will feel drowsy and unable to straight the thighs
  • It may also happen that one feel exhausted pain the knees and unable to move it towards the foot for walking

There are thousands of numerous hip flexor Pain symptoms, make sure that these symptoms are addressed before it leads to dangerous level.

Hip flexor Pain symptoms matches with other kind of diseases so consider to confirm it by medical tests. A complete objective and subjective tests are performed to diagnose hip flexor. Followings are the tests that ruling out potential causes of hip flexor:

  • X rays that will figure out the structure
  • MRI will figure out the shape of the bone
  • Ultrasound for internal cells checking of muscles
  • CT scan
  • It takes 2-3 weeks to heal the hip flexor pain if it is minor. But it will cause 6 weeks if the pain is major. You must also consider walking on treadmill, swimming and other elliptical machines to get rid of the pain of hip flexor


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