Windows 10 – How do I move Files from C drive to D drive?

Moving files from dive C to D is not a big game in Windows 10, but to move the installed Windows Store Apps and programs to any other drive requires some learning. This guide explains the procedure of moving C drive contents in addition to program & apps files to D drive or any other drive in windows 10.

Microsoft has brought many new features. All advancements in Widows 10 were made considering the requirements of Windows users. Despite of many issues, such as installation time issues of windows 10 or excessive RAM usage issue of windows 10, it is still a successful version of Windows OS. You can file more interesting stuff on my Tech Blog.

Now you don’t even have to worry about the limited storage of C drive for installing more apps, because windows 10 allows to save apps and C drive data to other drives.  You can also move existing C drive data to D drive by following just some simple steps which I’m going to describe below. You can also use this method to move data to external drives that you often use. Carefully read, understand and get your problem solved.

Easiest Way to Move C Drive Program Files & Apps to other Drive

This method is generally about moving C drive contents to D drive. However, you can use the same method to move C drive files and folders to any other drive.

Step 1: Define a location (Create Folder) in other drive

The destination drive (let’s say D drive) should have a specific folder in which you would move C drive’s contents. It’s advised to create a separate folder in D drive with any name you want. Let’s say you named it as Libraries.

Step 2: Navigate to file/folder you want to move

Now open your C drive and browse to the file of folder that you want to move into D drive (Libraries folder).

Type %userprofile% in the taskbar search space and hit enter button. It will open a folder with name Userprofile. Open it and you’ll see personal library folder. Now right click on folder you want to move (let’s say Documents) and go to its Properties. It will open a dialogue box like follows. Click on Location tab and then click on Move button.

Step 3: Browser to Destination folder and Create another folder “Documents”

Now it’ll open a window. Browse to the Libraries folder in D drive and create a new folder with name Documents inside Libraries folder.

Step 4: Move Folder

Now select the destination folder (Documents) and click Ok button.

Let is complete the moving operation. In the same way, you can move other C drive items to any location in D drive.

How to change location of OneDrive folder?

OneDrive has become a great facility to save your favorite files and folders online. But it resides on C drive by default. Which can result in consuming valuable space of C drive. However, you can change its location using this simple procedure.

Step 1: Go to OneDrive icon

 First of all open notification area on taskbar and right click on OneDrive icon. After right clicking, you’ll see a menu list associated with OneDrive, like follows. Open Settings option and then click on Unlike OneDrive. A new Welcome to the OneDrive window will open. Just minimize it for now.

Step 2: Move OneDrive folder

Now simply move OneDrive folder to any location in any other drive of your choice.

Step 3: Sign In to OneDrive

Now open that Welcome to the OneDrive window and sign in to your OneDrive account. After signing in you’ll see a small link of change location, as highlighted with yellow in image below. Then select the location where you moved OneDrive folder and click on use this location link.

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