Installing Rubber Parking Stops in Your Garage or Parking Lot

Whether you have a parking lot for customers, or you want to protect your car while parking in the garage, rubber parking stops are an excellent solution. They are lightweight, and easy to install, even on concrete. When you don’t want cars bumping into the walls of your garage or you want to organize your parking lot, rubber parking stops are the answer.

Parking Stops and How to Compare Your Choices

Parking stops are traditionally made of concrete, recycled rubber, or recycled plastic. Each type of parking stop has their benefits to the consumer. Concrete parking stops can last a very long time, as long as they are not exposed to the elements. When concrete stops are subject to harsh weather conditions, they can break down more readily than other types of stops.

The Benefits of Using Parking Stops Made from Rubber

Ones made from recycled rubber are perfect for use both indoors and outside, as they are not subject to deterioration from the weather. In addition, rubber parking stops don’t break down from UV light, can withstand extreme temperatures, and need very little maintenance. Parking stops made out of recycled plastic are much like rubber ones, except in areas where there is extreme heat. While rare, if it gets hot enough, parking stops made out of plastic can melt.

Rubber parking stops are your best choice when it comes to durability, longevity, and ease of installation when the three types are compared.

Installing Parking Stops to Protect Cars and Keep Parking Lots More Organized

Concrete parking stops weigh a lot, and you will need more than one person to install this type. If you choose ones made from rubber, one person can get the job done. On asphalt surfaces, rebar spikes are used to install parking stops made of rubber, while on concrete, lag bolts, washers and metal shields are necessary.

Out of the three types of parking blocks, rubber ones are priced in the middle. When you consider that rubber ones are more durable and will stand up to the elements as compared to concrete ones, it makes sense to choose those made out of recycled rubber.

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