Make Sure to Use Properly Sized Golf Clubs

People who have played golf before know that it is important to use golf clubs that have been properly sized. While the type of equipment, head, and handle is all important, the first step to improving the golf game is to use clubs that fit. This is because golf clubs that fit will encourage golfers to develop a proper stance and swing technique. Failure to use properly sized golf clubs can lead to swings that are inconsistent, making it impossible to develop a consistent golf game. There are a few steps involved when people are learning how to size golf clubs.

Measure the Height of the Player

The most basic measurement involved in sizing golf clubs is the height of the golfer. This will determine the length of the handle that needs to accompany their clubs. A handle that is too long can lead to people jamming the head of the club into the ground on their swing. A handle that is too short might have people bending over and hurting their back just to make contact with the ball. To avoid this, golfers need to have their height measured. This has the largest impact on the size of the club.

Measure the Distance Between the Golfer’s Wrist and the Floor

Ultimately, the size of the handle needs to fit the distance between the wrist and the floor. Some people have arms that are longer than others while other people have shorter arms. Therefore, it is important that an accurate wrist-to-floor measurement is taken. This is going to help the golfer come up with the exact size of the golf club as well as determine where the grip on the club should be placed.

Head Size is Going to Depend on Handicap

Once the handle has been sized, every golfer wants to know what size head their clubs should carry. This going to be dependent on the golfer’s skill level. Golfers with more experience might be able to get away with a smaller head size. This could mean a lighter club that can generate a higher swing velocity. On the other hand, golfers that are just learning might need a larger head size to help them make contact with the ball on a consistent basis. The handicap is an important part of learning how to size golf clubs.

Practice Swings are Key Before Investing

Ultimately, every golfer should take a few practice swings with their golf clubs before they decide to purchase them. If the clubs don’t feel comfortable on the swing then they aren’t worth the investment. Visit the store or the shop and take a few swings with the clubs while a golf professional watches. They will be able to critique the swing and tell if the clubs are a good fit. Take the time to swing the clubs before purchasing.

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